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The Patient Acquisition Journey: The Right Content at the Right Time

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Welcome ChiroSecure family. I’m so glad you joined me in June, and I know there’s so much happening, but I always appreciate you coming back month after month and diving into some of the important information that is so critical for the utilization of chiropractic to grow across the globe. So today, like any other day, there is so much information jampacked into this that I hope that you’ll sit down with your staff and yourself.

And you’ll see why that’s so important. So our concept today is maximizing the right content at the right time. In the patient acquisition journey. Look, if your office is overflowing with patients, please stay with me because it is so important to be able to have those patients get the information they need.

Now, if you’re looking for more patients, even better stay with me cuz we have so much that you need to know that’s happening in today’s world and on social media that if you’re not doing it right, It’s gonna cost you patients and it’s gonna cost retention of those patients that you do get. So we’re gonna jump right into these slides and we’re gonna get started.

And as one of the big keys as we get started is the big thank you. Thank you for joining us today, and thank you to our fabulous sponsors because without them we couldn’t be doing this. And the same goes for our state associations and societies. Along with our global leaders that are across the globe, because yes, we are taking this global now, jumping in facts, 40% of clinic’s revenue comes entirely from the patient’s pocket.

So they wanna know the what, the when, the how, and the why. So what this means is you need to leverage opportunities to market yourself to ensure continued growth and prosperity. There’s no, oh, maybe we’ll just let the word of mouth get out. No. Today you need to recognize that social media is a very big part of how we get our information out.

So you need to be online and you need to be. Active online. The frustration for solo practitioners is real, and I crossed the country back and forth and I hear you, which is why we try to make this the easiest opportunity for you to get new patients and retain those new patients. So you didn’t go to school for marketing or advertising.

As you can see, Dr. Santa notes on this slide, many are unsure of which tools to use and how to use them in their practice. This is why a foundation membership is so important. Your membership is a tool to help you position yourself in your community as a thought leader and take action through programs we offer such as our next step community.

Now listen, as you’re going through these slides with me, I want you to reflect on there is only one organization in the chiropractic profession that is marketing chiropractic with 20 schools. 48 state associations and global leaders. Now, there is 32,000 of you. And if you’re not one, ask yourself why.

And today, maybe that day that you just pulled the trigger and you go to and you find the package right for you. So we’re gonna walk through the stages of what it means to take the patient from looking at chiropractic. To the tools that they’ll need to see you in the way that is going to bring them in so that you become a better influencer in your local areas, both digitally and traditionally.

So what are we understanding about the stages of acquisition now? Look carefully because there are five stages to patient acquisition, and we’re gonna go one by one so that you and your staff understand what that stage means and how to deliver the information necessary to go forth to serve. So step one, awareness.

This is where the patients know something needs to change and would like to fix it. But actually they don’t know how. So they may actually, as an example, go to Google and say, why does my back hurt after I sit at my desk all day long? It’s that awareness state that is going to make every thing different.

So at this particular stage, you are going to be serving them advertisements, videos, commercials, and social media, and developing press releases that are. Active methods to reach those patients, and that’s why I’ve turned to this slide on interest at the second stage is interest and the consumer has some knowledge about their problem, but they’re not quite sure how to fix it.

So you as the chiropractor, you are right there and you want. To engage that patient, but they may not know you exist. So they’re gonna start searching their options. Maybe it’s physical therapy, maybe it’s acupuncture, maybe it’s naturopath on Google. So how are you going to catch their attention?

And in this entered stage, you want to be able to utilize as much educational material as possible. What do they look like? Here’s a few. We have brochures and flyers. Infographics and our podcast episode to showcase just a few of the benefits of chiropractic care has to offer. I will tell you, I have more people reaching out to me and thanking me for listening to an episode on adjusted reality because they had no idea that chiropractic could help in certain ways.

And it’s so much better when you’re hearing it from a celebrity, an influencer, a healthcare provider, or. A professional athlete versus us just telling them what they need to know. Remember, your webpages need to be optimized and you need to go back to some of our produced information to know how to optimize your webpages so that they in fact, are one of the first that come up in your area.

This way when the patient is searching for you and your clinic bing, you made it easy for them. And there you go. Now moving to the evaluation stage, this is your third stage, and at this stage, the consumer is really leaning toward trying chiropractic. The question is, which one, which DC should they trust with their care?

Now you already know the answer. It’s you. Of course, they may be searching for doctors online by typing in. Find a chiropractor near me. Listen, the Find A Doctor directory that the foundation has is one of the largest in the entire profession, and it’s a reason why you need. The foundation, we get up to 12,000 hits to our Find a Doctor directory per month.

We’re doing millions of impressions online a month. We do podcasts, byline articles, press releases. You name it, we’re doing it, and it’s for one purpose. We’re not marketing for us, we’re marketing for you. We have one main purpose, and that’s what makes us different from any other marketing group out there.

When you invest and you put your dollars into the foundation, we market for you. We market with you. With one intended purpose to increase chiropractic utilization across the globe. So that my friends, is why you can trust the foundation for chiropractic progress, cuz you’re gonna get the latest, greatest, most evidence-based information that the consumer is looking for.

So stay with us now as they’re comparing practitioners. They’re gonna require higher value content at this point. And what are those higher value content pieces, eBooks and white papers, they need to know, is it reasonable to reach out to chiropractic care? What are some of the research that depends on me choosing the right practitioner and of course, We’ve got you the F for C, p crafts, all of these available information for you as a member so you can educate the patient in this evaluation stage.

And when you move to the fourth stage, this is a big deal. This is the decision stage and they have to make some very important. Observations, evaluations, and now who they’re going to go to at this stage, foundation members can utilize resources that will help the patient in their current stage, and these could be something as simple as posters, how to guides, maybe the leave behind for patients for continued care at home, if you’re doing the best job for your patient, you have thought through all of these stages.

The last stage retention, that’s actually the most critical. So as you go through, you can see I’m just showcasing the decision stage. And that really for them is one of the pieces. How do I know that the chiropractic choice is the right choice? And the more you educate your patients, the better they’re gonna re become at staying and referring.

So in the retention stage, we have so much that needs to be put out there, but we can only rely on you. We can do it on our end in the media, but the patient needs to see you and that’s the critical component. A happy patient is a patient with great outcomes and they intend to return, and that is considered the retention stage.

Keep them aware through social media, keeping them aware through some of our LinkedIn. In posters and some of our LinkedIn articulators is the best way to keep them with us. Leveraging the F four C P marketing means a lot, and that’s why as a patient acquisition journey, you need all the materials built for you as a member.

And as I remember back as starting in school, one of the key pieces is a patient that is well educated is going to make choices that are not only good for themselves, as you recall from being in school, but they often bring their family members. So serving the right content at the right time is a big piece.

Here’s the chart to help you guide the serving the right content at the right time in the patient journey. So awareness, advertisements, video commercials, press releases, they get interested. That’s where you gotta look at your SEO guide and use the right keywords. Is there brochures and flyers, infographics.

Have you used adjusted reality podcasts? So people speak for us. Evaluation the national Find A Doctor directory are using our eBooks and our white papers. They get to the decision phase. They’re looking at posters and toolkits and how-to guides and media responses. And of course brochures, they get to the retention stage.

This is where you need to be with them the whole time, cuz you don’t want them to fall off your maintenance map. You want to engage them with fun tip sheets, LinkedIn, articulators, social media, follow-ups, and of course our fun fact Fridays. Going through this together I think is a critical component because to me, it’s like hygiene for your clinic.

You don’t go to bed without brushing your teeth, so you want to make sure that you’re constantly updating and keeping on track and maximizing your content. How do you do that? Remember in the past we’ve talked about platforms that can help you schedule ahead so that when busy times come or.

Perhaps you’re taking a vacation. You are not going to miss out on the regular postings that are so important. But remember, you have to bring your staff in to do this with you. Your office is unique. And so is your staff. So working together to set up how you want your office to be seen on social media platforms and in your community is critical.

This is not one person’s job. This is the entire clinic’s job. If you do it right, it’s a massive win for the entire profession. So this is the marketing roadmap. Why do we remind you of this every month? Because it’s an easy, critical component that all members get at the foundation, and it’s delivered directly to your inbox.

The roadmap actually provides you step. By step instructions on what to do each week and in your practice, you can keep your patients that are already your patients up to date and top of mind. If they’re not your patients yet you’ve got them covered too. That is why we keep reminding you about the marketing resource guide.

The more you know, the better you will market. And we didn’t go to school to become fabulous marketers, and that is why I wanna remind each and every one of you out there that today is the day for marketing resource guide to look at it, to consider what that’s gonna mean. And that is a. Key component. So let’s go to our F four C P updates, and what does that look like?

I have something very important to share with you. It is our Adjusted Reality podcast in February when you were with me during Kyro Secures Facebook Live, I told you we had 50 countries in February. We’re at the end of June. Doctors of chiropractic, we are making progress. We are in 101 countries that are listening.

How incredible is that? So if you are not yet listening to the podcast adjusted reality, can I urge you to bring one up that interests you and share it with someone that you care about? If you can have your staff. Listen to it as well. There is a plethora of different people on there, and I guarantee you if we can go from 50 to 101 in such a short time, we’re making progress together.

And as I am sincerely waiting for that beautiful award for the Aires creative to come to my doorstep, and as soon as it does, I promise you I will be sharing it with you because after all, this award is your award, and I guarantee she will be a beautiful award when she arrived. Keep with me cuz we’re going to share what does she look like and why did we win?

I just wanna remind you, it’s because we’re creative. We’re thinking outside the box. This is a global award. 6,500 people entered that award around the globe. And yes, the competition was fierce. It is the largest creative competition award in the world. So for us to get gold, I want you to be proud and I want you to be excited.

So I want to share it with you as soon as I can. So stay tuned when she shows up. The other award that you’re seeing there, 40th annual health care award was also given to us this year. And that’s for our outdoor advertising. These are creative awards that came about during our full train wraps and our billboards.

Yes, sometimes the old school pieces still get recognized. Those billboards make us. A better opportunity for people to be aware and you know what’s good for Apple cuz they’re still doing billboards is still good for us. So let’s keep on this because it’s key to our success. And speaking of success, we have another fabulous.

Global leader in our presence and it’s New Zealand. So I wanna welcome New Zealand Chiropractic Association to our global membership. While the F R C P is national and we’re serving you, we also wanna remember that it is international and it’s serving several countries. And I just told you the podcast is in 101 countries.

So moving together and building awareness of the chiropractic profession is a global endeavor. Now global endeavors means that we need to move across the areas. And what next for me? Last weekend I was at the International Association of Yoga Therapists and I was at their sitar, which stands for the Symposium for Yoga Therapists and Research.

And I had the best opportunity to present a yoga therapist about the benefits of combining chiropractic care into their yoga therapist care plan. This is how we collaborate. Remember, collaboration is two very important pieces. It’s communication. And it is cooperation. And when those two pieces come together, there’s another C in there and that is celebration.

When we collaborate, we’re celebrating the best way to connect with our patients and keeping that patient top of mind and. Placing the patient at the center of care. So I promise you, we are gonna go as far and as wide as we can to get everyone to see the benefits of chiropractic care. And if you’re listening right now, you.

There’s plenty of information to talk to them about referrals to chiropractic. Now, if you’re gonna be in Texas, I will too. This very weekend, Texas Chiropractic Association, I am looking forward to coming to see you at the Renaissance Hotel in Addison, Texas. And if you’re there, come by the booth and share your membership experience and help.

Grow further opportunities to get our information out. I’ll also be in Missouri at the end of next month, so anytime, any place, anywhere, reach out to me because that’s the key to building a greater future for all of us. And as we move into a very exciting next month, I have something very important to share.

It’s our new commercial. We have a brand new 32nd commercial in production right now featuring midfielder and pro soccer player from the Ol Rain, Olivia Athens. Now, some of you might be thinking, that name sounds familiar. While you’re right, Olivia’s story of chiropractic is unique because her dad is Dr.

Nick Athens, the chiropractor that you may remember treated Joe Montana. Olivia’s experience with chiropractic has helped her remain healthy and at her best. And I will tell you, she’s just a true gem. She lights up, she’s a beautiful individual, and she’s lived, breathed, and felt chiropractic her entire life.

So this is gonna be something we’re gonna want you to share. Get prepared. The video’s going to be done. The commercial’s gonna be ready, and we’re going to be featuring it next month during the FIFA Women’s World Cup. So if you wanna get excited in your office about soccer, please do maybe there’s opportunities for you to leverage this commercial and maybe give out some soccer balls. I don’t know what you wanna do in your office in July to recognize the ladies FIFA World Cup. But trust me, you’re gonna wanna share this. And I have a fun fact to share with you. Olivia’s twin brother is currently becoming a doctor of chiropractic.

Now, doesn’t that put a smile on all of our faces? So be with me. Help us move the needle. Doesn’t matter if it’s sports or injury or chronic pain. Everybody needs a chiropractor and increasing the utilization of chiropractic is key. How are we going to do that? Listen, this is very important. You are a V I P with the foundation.

You’re so important. We’re celebrating our 20th anniversary, and I want to remind you that you can do different things to help us move the needle. In Florida, in August, we’re going to have our 20th anniversary, silent auction online. Now I’m gonna ask each and every one of you, maybe there’s a trip that you wanna take and that silent auction experience is right there for you to in.

Engage in and invest in. Any dollars that go through our silent auction come right back for us to be able to build, strengthen, and increase the utilization of chiropractics. Look forward. I promise to keep you all aware on Kyra’s Secure Facebook Live in July. What is it gonna look like? What’s gonna be in the silent auction?

And why do you wanna participate? Listen, you don’t have to buy a silent auction item. You can go today. Five 10 $15 gets us closer to moving the needle and buying more advertisements. That’s what we wanna do, and I will tell you in September we have another regional roon bringing more customers into educating them about the benefits of chiropractic so they become patients.

That’s the key to success and as always, do not miss coming back here. At the same time, the same place for Kyra Secure’s Facebook Live with fabulous guests. All the time. I wanna thank you for being with me during this Facebook Live, and I look forward to having you join me on the road. Remember, Texas is right around the corner, or Missouri, or maybe it’s Orlando, wherever your next travel goes to learn about your continuing education, I hope to be there with you and we can share the utilization of chiropractic across the globe together.

Thanks for joining me, and we’ll see you back in July with plenty of more information. Isn’t it time you join the most powerful team of successful doctors in chiropractic and go for the gold? Simply go to and get your customized practice success solution.