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The Power of your Imagination – Sanchez

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Hello everybody. And thank you for tuning in and thank you though, to Stu Hoffman, and ChiroSecure for making this show possible. It is an honor to be here and to share with you guys, the wonders of chiropractic right now, and today’s show is, is, is going to be directed towards the power of imagination. Um, I feel that the imagination is something that, uh, is something that innate is always putting up for us and we don’t use it to our advantage. So, uh, is, uh, is a subject that, uh, I’m really, when I look, when I look into what’s going on in my life is like, it’s, it’s amazing if we understand that everything that exists, it was imagined before by somebody, right? So, but here we are on our beloved professional called chiropractic, you know, and on this, uh, disturb times in this planet error, right? And the question is that, you know, what is our imagination saying about this whole thing? Right? So if, if for one second you can just do an exercise in close your eyes and just imagine the whole world right now being lined up into, out into chiropractic officers. And they come in asking you only one thing to please turn on the power.


Imagine the amount of chiropractors that we will need to serve 7 billion people. Imagine the effect that that one adjustment can have or humanity and on the world. Right? Okay. You can open your eyes now, but anyway, I was just trying to put a thought in your head or what probably thought on, on Dr. BJ Palmer, BJ also known as big job, right back then, where he thought about the vision of the four of our Waterloo. You talk, you used to call it, uh, he prophesied that in what two to 300 years the war would come into an, into see this.


So think about, you know, what, you know, what’s, what’s going on in ourselves, right? I mean, we, part of this puzzle, we want to S we, one of the, uh, uh, steps that humanity taking toward this big tube,


You know, what’s going on with us? I mean, what are we doing? What are we saying? You know, in this hall, in this moments of time, what is our service? Because chiropractic is a service, but to understand our service, you know, one of the most important thing is, you know, what is a chiropractor, you know, and you can see a person and when you know what he believes, you know, what he stands for, but what do we believe as chiropractors? Okay. I can tell you one thing when I draw, when I hold this key. So right here, this Atlas and I drop it, I know what’s going to happen. It’s kind of fall. It’s gonna fall every time. So I have no doubt that every time I drop it is of course a drops. This key, it’s called gravity. Why don’t we believe as chiropractors that are, we, that is so profound for ourselves. We believe as chiropractors, okay. That

Life heals,

Right? We believe I tell my patients every time that every cell of your body to survive in is food, water, oxygen, and life. Okay. Now life heals. What else? We also believe that when there is a subluxation, then as the interference to what to life. So we believe that subluxation is killing people, whatever times he takes, but it’s killing people. Okay. We also believe that there is an innate intelligence within every living organism and in our chiropractic principles who understand that these innate okay is flow into our nervous system. And we also believe that the chiropractic adjustment has the only purpose to set free the healer within which is your innate intelligence of the life flowing through your nervous system.

Why is that? People don’t know about this truth of chiropractors, perhaps it’s because we don’t believe, and I’m going to ask it, I’m saying this. I mean, I’m talking for myself because I’d been practicing for almost close to 40 years. And in 20 years, what I seen, you know, I seen, since the beginning of my practice, I saw the service. The chiropractic has us to release the power within the person. And that was my whole thing. And that’s why I have a very busy practice since the beginning. You know, I remember reading about chiropractic at the beginning and they used to say that used to take him six months to become chiropractors.

Then three years, that’s when I went to school and now they’re making it like, you have to have a bachelor, you have to have this and this and this, the, we understand what, you know, what’s at stake who have such a big principle. Do we believe for that principle? Okay. So your belief is so important because what you believe is going to bring your emotions. So a lot of people that don’t believe in this and they are out there, they find themselves with emotions, like doubt the doubting, the doubt in the principal, the doubt in the big idea, right? And then their mind gets, identify with the doubt instead of learning about the principle and that, and the principle is like having a glass of water pool a half, a glass of water with water and say it’s half full or half empty. Okay. I was trying to say is, is we have to focus on the principle. And when you focus on the principal, you’ll see that it’s not something that you can just get it one time. It’s something that you have to feel it. And when you start feeling that principal passion comes in and when you have passion, you come in in from a different state of mind, which everybody is attracted to.

And when you come in from that state of mind, you start feeling a sense of flow. There’s a flow in everything you do. And I’m sure a lot of you guys had it in your practice. Probably. You know, when I say, I dunno, how did I do that? Exactly. Because you allow it to flow. Am I my thing here is this is that the principle that we use in chiropractic is going to be always in existence. And we’re not, we’re not the owners of it, but we haven’t mentioned it in our chiropractic principle, innate intelligence, universal intelligence, educated intelligence would need to revise those things and to own it within ourselves. So when we speak to our patient, we kind of split where authority, where we’ve seen things different. And another thing that we know about when we see things different, no, the object that we see, it changes.

Wow. That’s pretty profound. Okay. So it is important, you know, because we are all connected. Your whole humanity is connected some way. I know by the internet, we are connected by the universal intelligence to our innate intelligence. You see our brains are like radio stations they receive, and then they send out okay. And our technology that we have called life okay. Is so much bigger than any stuff that is out there, but we need to tap into that, to that intelligence tapping into those waves. Okay. So practicing and with the principle, okay. Loving your patients, give them what nobody else is, can do by chiropractors. It takes a cultivation in yourself to deliver those goods. And that called probation that I’m talking about is based on desire. Okay. So my desire is to keep fulfilling the vision of the far to see it and to feel it 7 billion people asking to be checked and adjusted as a thirsty person is asking you for the Coca-Cola.

No, no.

That those desires that I’m talking about, we need to learn to be grateful for, because if you have God’s desires is because you can start working into her feeling them. And I went to do that is by acting as if it’s a few things that I learned in my forming years in chiropractic. But doctor said William, and he used to talk about act as if, and as soon as I got out of the chiropractic school, you know, I was saying to, I’m going to act as if I’m already at top chiropractor and a top chiropractor meant for me back then it was like, bring him in, bring all the masses. Okay. Let me see the belaying person getting up on walk. Let me see those blank cases. See again, let me see these babies that they were coming up, all the screwed up at work, you know, and getting the first adjustment and getting beautiful colors again, you know, let me see all these diabetes people that they have. No. And in their mind is that they have to be like that for the rest of their life to get the power turned on. And they say, Oh, thank you, Lord.

Um, okay, so he was

Cultivation. No, I stopped for me myself. And I said, Lisa, what’s happening. You know, back then, I didn’t know. I just was following those desires. Maybe a lot of those desires are found in my DDE dynamic essentials.


As I’m unfolding my chiropractic career, now I’ve found opportunities, you know, and one of them was meeting Dr. Joel Crusoe in his office and him allowing me to work for him and learn and see it and see what it is to flow and practice. It was a master watching him flow and in practice, you know, watching him turning by looking at the object or by looking at the patient or by looking at the situation with different eyes, it turned them different. He was like, I’m an Alchemist, transforming things.


Division of the far guys were out. So what do we believe and how do we strengthen those beliefs? Yup. So chiropractic for me, it is essential because it allows me to learn and to apply this chiropractic principles in myself, as I’m applying to myself, I cannot, I can share with my patients, with the people that I’m attracting too. Okay. And we have 7 billion people, 7 billion spines that they need to know the truth. They need to understand that the truth is inside of them, that they are healers in themselves. Okay. But right now in the war, there is lack of knowing the truth. And when you don’t know the truth, you are living in fear and chiropractic does not teach fear. I remember one of my mentors at the barge, he said, he wrote a book called live a life without fear. You guys need to read it, need to learn it. And that’s what chiropractic brings into the table. How the chiropractic principle, it gives hope because we know that life heals and a slow method of operation is alive. It’s got a chance to live.

It’s beautiful.

So beautiful. So the power of imagination, what do we imagine every morning when you pick, when you wake up, see, this is what I will tell you about what do I do? Because I know that I can just, I just cannot get up and go because my mind is so busy, you know, so busy that I cannot flow. Imagine. So my first thing, when I wake up is I think about flowing. I’m committed to have a life of flow and I’m learning. I’m still learning to flow. And, uh, and by learning about flowing, I know what I want. I’m a state of flow. I’m happy, I’m creative, you know? And, uh, it’s just, I don’t have to think it’s just happens.

You know? And I know that that state of flow is because I’m allowing my innate mine to use me 100% and I’m not doubting and I’m have complete faith into it. Wait, you know, what’s fate has to do with this guys without faith. I don’t know how can you navigate these waters right now? Okay. Now I remember another occasion at the E when Dr. [inaudible] was talking about really rad and what happened to him that turned his whole congregation around. And now if you guys don’t know, but he talked about really granted at the beginning was the preacher gives the preacher. Well until one day he was walking on the bark and he had his cardiac picture, these product time, right? He, so I leave falling off a tree.

And when he saw that leaf falling off the tree, he understood that he wasn’t fulfilling his desired as a preacher. When he saw that leaf falling, he understood that he was accepting description in full correct. And right then she committed himself. So I sat the scriptures in full freight. I, when he accepted this scriptures in full faith, his life like his congregation took a new, a new meaning. And what happened. He had the largest ever congregation in his, his, uh, his, his speeches. So is this same thing with chiropractic. You know, if you, if we accept chiropractic in full faith, our life would take a new meeting.

You see what I mean

As a man think. So he is, what are we thinking? What are we believing? And what I found is that believing in chiropractic in food, faith is what I love.

And what does that mean? See, they said, thing is the Japanese say that, do what you love, made sure it benefits the war of humanity and get paid for it. Those are the three keys. We got it as chiropractors. If we love chiropractic in full faith, understanding the service of chiropractic from a boat down, inside, out to release that power, which is essential for the people’s life. Okay. We believe in that. And we love that, or we understand that that is benefiting their work. Okay. And we get paid for it. Wow. We add, bless talking about blessing and to be able to do that in a flow state, learning about flow. And then there’s a book called the rise of Superman by Steven Kotler. I suggest you read it because he’s so interesting because he, he talks about being in flow and what happened in the human body when the person is on flow. And you say that they, some newer transmitters that have only when you’re in flow, there’s some hormones present only where you don’t flow hormones. Like I think it’s a neurotransmitter like [inaudible] and undermine, which means beliefs that is giving you the feeling of beliefs and undermine. It appears when you’re unplugged dopamine, serotonin in a Prius with your own flow. You see, so being in Rio is something

That you want to aim and understanding that that being on flow is when you’re aligned with your innate mind. What I mean is your educated mind, your mind, and your universe are mine, all align together, being in flow, doing dose adjustment. You say, wow. During those checkups, just say, wow, just passing the instrument to the patient’s neck. And the patient’s already getting better. They need flow. The healing is within them. Remember that? So it’s huge to understand, you know, to aim, to be in flow. So to start your day to being flow, you have, you know, I work on my routine.


And one of the things that brings me in flow is to do run, to go out running long runs. Okay. So I can be in flow as I’m running, I can do many miles and my mind is start creating is beautiful. Another thing that it brings me in floods when I’m serving people, I lose myself in serving, maintains me on flow. In this case, I started my family to went down to the house. Okay. You know, I came, I came working to get an inflow by doing dishes. I know I can be doing something else, but you know what? It’s just understanding that you can control being in flow by using, by aligning universal in any and educate.

So do you

Use your imagination in every case that I’ve been telling you today? Okay. And in closing today, I want you to, if you find this helpful, hopefully, you know, all this information is helpful, or my experience is helpful. I just want to serve, I want to see the vision of the four. I want to see 7 billion people getting adjusted, understanding the power within, and this statement that there is no uncurable diseases only on curable people. And the chiropractic is an answer based on principles. Okay. And in closing, I want you to use your imagination to dream big, okay. To dream about the vision of the floor. Okay. And I’m going to show you a couple of books that I want you to take a look before I was talking about the rise of Superman. Okay. Which is a bit of a book it’s very Navy. It’s very scientific, but it talks a lot about innate intelligence.

He is a, one of the examples how, how today’s time and technology is meeting our philosophy, our philosophy of the bigness of the fellow within of the friend within, okay. The other book that I want you to look at it is called the bigness of the fellow within and read it by Dr. BJ Palmer. I love this book and there is a brand new book that you can get in an Amazon, which is called the journal of the Academy of chiropractic philosophers. Read it. All of these is going to give you more power to what you believe on, and it’s kind of allow you to serve better your patients. Okay. So in closing, I hope you found all this information helpful. I love being with you guys. And, uh, and I wish you had found some new people coming tomorrow, no matter where the come from. Okay. Just be show a lot of love, compassion shed per subluxation, turn the truth. Okay. Game and orientation. And, and I just want you to know that, uh, I really feel an honor to be here. Okay. I want you to know also that Dr. Ankar will be the next, next week next to you. The ChiroSecure show. So don’t forget to turn in for Dr. Anchor and I will see you again next month and I love and appreciate you. And

Thank you, Marty. They last year, I mean, [inaudible].