Blog, Chirosecure Live Event October 17, 2022

The State of the Chiropractic Profession for October 17th, 2022

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Lots to share with you today. Everything from what’s happening with our military project, as well as what’s happening with our federal physicals and O D T and our federal employees. As well as we’re getting some rumors about some things starting to pick up in Texas again with the medical association coming after chiropractic.

We’re gonna share a little bit of that with you as well. And then I also wanna share with you an experience that I had this weekend that I think is pretty incredible that you will find value in. Lots of information for you today. Good morning, our American chiropractors. My name is Bharon Hoag.

I am the executive director of the Chiropractic Defense Council. Coming to you today, Monday, October 17th, for your weekly update. I’m gonna share a little bit of why I’m a little bit more hyped up today than I am when I normally shoot these normally pretty exhausted from a crazy week or traveling.

As a matter of fact, last week I was in Alaska and I’ve really been on the road. Ever since that video. I just got home today when I’m recording this on Sunday night. But I just got back from a Life Leadership weekend at Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. My son went there. Life leadership, if you’re not familiar with it, as a showcase of the school where prospective students and their guests, whether it be their parents or significant others, Can actually go to the school and kind of see what life is all about, what going to chiropractic school might look like there at Life University.

They had 300 different prospective students and guests. It was an incredible weekend. Life does a great job at that event. I know other schools have similar events, but I was just happened to be at life this past weekend. And man, I tell you what God is, timing is always perfect. It’s exactly what I needed.

I don’t realize sometimes how in the weeds that I get with the work that I do dealing with issues all over the world. I kinda get beat down from time to time and I love what I do. I’m very honored to be able to do this work on behalf of chiropractic, but I sometimes forget how important it’s for me to get fed.

And this weekend I got to just be a dad. I wasn’t there in any capacity as Bharon the, the personality of chiropractic and watching all of these young adults start talking about how they were called to chiropractic. Man, what an unbelievable experie. Say what you want about life. I’m not here to promote them as a university, although I do love them and I think they do a great job.

That’s not the purpose of what I’m talking to you about. I’m talking about just the energy that happens when you find an opportunity where people are just joyfully and freely sharing. What’s on their heart and their love for chiropractic and why they’re selecting it. I tell you what guys, our future is very bright.

We’ve got some amazing kids, amazing young adults that are stepping into this. I got a chance to take a few students that are in chiropractic school to dinner Thursday night and just talk to them and share with them and pour into them. And I’m telling you what, It’s just an incredible thing to be a part of.

You haven’t had a chance, no matter what school, go to your alma mater. Every school has these types of showcases. Went with perspective student. , if you have the opportunity to do it. What an unbelievably fulfilling thing to be a part of, watching the decisions that are being made, and they’re gonna be the future of our profession.

They’re the ones you guys are gonna be handing the reins down to. It’s just incredible. We’ve got some great people that are gonna be a part of chiropractic. So I’m pretty fired up in what’s going on, and I had a. Had an opportunity. Some of you that are watching this, I got to meet you.

I know there was a doc from Washington that came up and talked to me and had a number of other people that came up to me about the videos, and so I thank you for doing so. I always love connecting with our contributors. But anyway, here’s of what’s going on around the United States. We are, we, I got word today that we’re gonna have our final language in the ndaa.

Again, as a reminder, we’re putting language into the military funding. That we do a pilot project where we actually we’re getting a half a million dollars that we’re gonna be picking a single base in the US where we hire an appropriate amount of chiropractors. And I’ve had a number of you asking me Baron, what does that look like?

To be honest with you, I don’t know cuz I don’t know what base, I don’t know how many service men and women are gonna be on that base. There’s a lot of questions that need to be answer. Once it’s in the ndaa, we’ll be working with the D O D. We’ll be working with that particular branch and obviously the leadership of that base to decide exactly what that appropriate number is.

The plan is to make sure we have enough chiropractors where everybody has access to it. Not one chiropractor where we’re waiting for two months, a waiting list, but we have a number of chiropractors that are paid appropriate. To be on base and to have access to our men and women, and then we can actually track the data.

So I’m working with a number of people far smarter than me at aggregating and working and looking at that data. It’s gonna be automated. It’s probably gonna be the best of its kind in the military. But I’m very excited about the work that our lobbying team has been doing because we have direct access to the leadership in the.

For the Armed Services Committee we’ve got a number of key members of the dod that are in support of this, that are wanting to see this happen. So we’ve made a lot of progress. It seems like it moves very slow, but I’m very excited about the work that our team has done. This is kind what happens when you’re laser focused and it’s the only thing you’re focusing on.

You can get some things done in a relatively short period of time. So very excited about that. Again, we’re expecting the NDA a to be passed before the end of the year. We have midterm elections that are coming up, a lot of things that are pushing it back. We can’t even get Congress to actually approve a budget for our country to keep operating.

So the NDAA keeps of getting pushed back. But our team is on it. It’s their primary focus and we’re excited about doing that. . Our lobbying team has also been doing a lot of digging and looking at where the objections lie when it comes to chiropractors being able to do the physicals for our federal employees.

So these would be people that are in Washington or that serve in federal employee bases, fbi, cia, know, these types of people that you know right now. They need their physicals to continue to do their. And for whatever reason, chiropractors have not, are not on the list of approved people. We can do the physical, we just can’t sign off on the release, which again is another, makes absolutely no sense.

So our lobbying team’s looking at where that’s breaking down. We have, we are contracting with an attorney specifically for this type of work to get the ODOT and to get. Some of these other regulatory agencies to give us a letter of opinion on what the, their stance really is to make sure that there is no discrimination against our chiropractors.

Again, I shared with you last week that our organization is going to protect all chiropractors. Obviously I have my opinion and my kids are going to schools that I feel are appropriate that they love. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t love everyone with a DC after their name. And we are going to do the work that needs to be done.

If you wanna do ODOT physicals, if you wanna do physicals, I’m gonna make sure you can do that. You have the right to do that within your scope. You should be able to do that and not have any prejudice against you. So we’re gonna work on those types of projects as well. So digging into that stuff, hopefully we’ll have some answers and we’ll be able to give some support to those of you that do that kind of work here shortly.

We’re getting rumors that the medical association is starting to go after. Chiropractic again in Texas. I’ve got some feelers out to see if that’s true. Really what that looks like. If that is the case, you can rest assured that the CDC is going to be immediately working with the TCA down there and any other organization that’s there to make sure that we’re defending the rights.

You gotta remember, it was only about five, six years ago that the Texas Medical Association was going after the chiropractic scope of practice as it relates to neurology and the TCA and their crew there. Jeff Jenkins, the executive director, and a phenomenal. Did a phenomenal job. It took a lot of money, a lot of time, but they did an excellent job at defending that.

So if anything like that pops up again, we will be there to help with resources. and our legal team as well to make sure that, again, we stand up because if it happens in Texas, you can rest assured it’s gonna happen somewhere else in the country. I’ve been sharing that with you as it relates to any country.

That’s why we work so hard in Canada. We’ve got so much happening in Canada right now because if they’re successful at doing things like restricting x-rays, Or restricting marketing or doing those types of things. It’s going to eventually come into the United States and we can’t have that. We’ve gotta defend chiropractic everywhere.

If they’re able to successfully shut down chiropractic in New Zealand, that’s a problem for everyone in the world. The case that we have going in Australia is so significant for the entire world that these things matter to you. Here in the United States, everything we’re doing matters to the profession of chiropractic.

Anywhere that there is a profession of chiropractic, so please know that although maybe sometimes we’re not dealing with something that’s burning in your front door, that it doesn’t have implications and ramifications to you and why you need to be paying attention to what we’re doing. Continue to contribute, be a part of what we’re doing, and then spread the word cuz we’ve got to grow this thing.

The amount of work that’s accumulating as people understand who we are is getting a little bit bigger than our resources can handle. So we’ve got to grow, we’ve got to get more people. All we ask for is 33 US dollars a month. It’s designed to not take you away from any other national organization. State Organization, Consulting group that you may be a part of.

We work with everybody that’s willing to work with us. We are not trying, and nor will we replace anybody, cuz nobody’s doing what we’re doing in the, in, really anywhere in the world. And I love all these other organizations. I am there to support them and help any way we can, but we still need the work that we’re doing.

We’re the only group that is completely focused on the defense and protecting your rights to practice chiropractic. So that’s kinda where we’re at. Stuff going on. I’ll continue to update you as these things move forward. Thanks for listening to my little soapbox of my adventure this weekend. It was a great opportunity.

Again, thank you to Dr. Jill Lamar, Dr. Rob Scott, and everybody else there at Life University for doing such a phenomenal job of representing chiropractic and really. 300 people in one space, just learning about vital vitalism, learning about the power of chiropractic. And it was amazing to see that many students actually getting excited about being a part of this amazing profession.

Phenomenal weekend. Hopefully you can sense that energy. It’s coming through your phone, your computer screen, your headphones, however you’re watching this week. Man, we are so blessed to be a part of this incredible profession. I don’t care what trials or tribulations you’re facing, we are blessed.

Remember, it’s all about mindset. If you can shift your consciousness, you can vibrate at a higher frequency and tell yourself you’re a part of something amazing, then amazing things will be drawn to you. I know it for a fact. It’s happened in my life and it can happen in yours too. And right now, I just thank you for being a part of who we.

Share these videos, spread the word. We need more people being a part of what we’re doing, and together we can make chiropractic the number one healthcare choice in the world. We love you, God bless.