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Top 3 Marketing Strategies for a Family Chiropractic Clinic

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What’s up. This is not the Erik Kowalke. I’m a chiropractor in grand rapids, Michigan. You’re turning into the look to the children’s show. The first Thursday of every month, I get the pleasure of hosting this with ChiroSecure and Dr. Stu Hoffman and all they do for the profession. They host this show.

They produce this, they sponsor this as well as several other shows throughout each month. So if you’re not connected into all the stuff that Kara skier is doing and putting out. Chiropractors like myself and like yourself, then you need to connect to them more, follow them on social media and they have an app.

That’s great with a ton of information. So make sure you’re connected to ChiroSecure. I lead this show because I’m a chiropractor that loves pediatric and family wellness. We have a huge practice in grand rapids, Michigan, been open over 10 years now and see hundreds of kids every single week and families.

And we love to just make a bigger impact in the profession and help more. See more kids and learn new strategies and stay up to speed with times. We also want a software company called skin, which brings convenience into patient’s everyday life through scheduling and rescheduling, making it convenient for them to make chiropractic care part of their everyday.

So with today’s show this is going to be 15, 20 minutes. Something you could take back using your practice right away. Get to thinking about marketing strategies specifically for a family chiropractic clinic. And this time of year going back into a school season, we’re in August. So some of you school already started of you.

It starts in two weeks like us. I have six kids myself, so we’re getting ready to go back to school. Everything changes, schedules, change, priorities, change busy-ness changes. We’re looking for convenience in our life, more than ever now. And if it’s not convenient we’re going to prioritize something else.

And so you need to be proactive with making sure you had to care as convenient for the families and the kids coming into your practice. And especially through marketing and Q3 here’s some key things that you can do. Number one is leveraging a landing page to track success for a new patient generation.

So we’ll get into that on the difference between advertising and marketing and things that you can. To convert your advertising spend and dollars into marketing, and then seeing ROI on that sounds scary, but I’ll try to make it as simple, as easy as possible for you. Number two is reactivation and reactivating kids and families.

Why that is more important and more effective and bigger return on your investment now than it has ever before in the last many years. And number three is quality content. How does. Easily create quality content produce that and put that out there on a consistent basis. I think that’s probably the hardest thing.

Most chiropractors, we can get all fired up about some of them produce content, but trying to make it consistent, whether it’s on social media or a newsletter through email blast can be just a lot of work. And we end up not doing it as effective as we can. And in turn, don’t get the results we want.

So number one, how to leverage a landing page. So this is this is where I want to talk about advertising. And marketing. So we see advertise it in our practice as money that we spend to put our name out there and to get our community, to know who we are that we’ll never know if it makes any difference.

We’re not measuring. This is like the billboard, how many people are going to come in and say, I came in because I saw your name and your practice on a. Probably not many. We’ve done billboards. I’ve never had anybody come in saying they saw something billboard, but is that getting your name out there?

Is that impacting your community? For sure. All the kids that come to your, come to you, asking to sponsor this and sponsor that, put your name on this. T-shirt like you do all that stuff. You really can’t measure. If that’s bringing money back to you or not, you just are helping your community giving back to your community through advertising that we see.

That’s something that you could actually measure. So if you’re putting money towards a Facebook campaign, that’s driving clients through a free giveaway or something and they have to enter their information and you get. And then you follow up with those leads to try to schedule appointments.

You’re going to be able to measure the end of the month. How many appointments were made was the lifetime value versus how much money did we spend on that marketing and those marketing efforts? So that’s marketing so everywhere that you can convert advertising ideas and concepts and money into marketing concepts, ideas, and money, and actually convert them and deletes that you can measure is a great Trelegy.

It’s only going to help you more and know if I should put more money towards that. And years to follow. So this is something that we do is we lead them to landing pages, and then we have a specific, what we call our new patient portal. We use sketch to do this, but many of your, many of you can have an online scheduling solution.

And so you want to use a custom online scheduler for each landing page. I’ll give you an example of what we do. We partner with another company locally that has a big influence with kids and families. And they have a huge following and we sponsor them. So in turn for sponsoring them, they’ll do the giveaway for us.

And if you want to enter in for this free trip, like for your family enter your information here below and learn about higher health care practice. And then we can lead them to a web page that maybe is even close. So we just design one page on our website. Something that we can just log in. It’s like square or something on our website.

So we just create one page that’s specific to families. We can put testimonials on their kid testimonials on there. And that’s where we put our new patient portal. That’s specific to kids and family. So it doesn’t look any different. It just has the coding from sketch to show us the patients that actually schedule from that new patient.

Not only do we get all the leads, but after they fill the information out, they go to that web page. So all we had to do was create, they did all the marketing and advertising and we just created the one page that is a closed web page, or it’s a non public, but not listed that. I don’t know exactly what you call it.

So you can’t really get to it from our website, but we can link to it. And then we put our new patient portal on there. That’s good gave us, and then we can measure. So that same company also wants to do. Like a write-up for us. So that right up at the end says, if you want more information, go to that click here.

And so that goes to that same landing page. We just duplicated it and got a different new patient portal from SCAD and put that on there. And they created all this for us. It wasn’t didn’t take any work. We just said, Hey, this is what we want to do. And they gave it to us when. We put the new patient portal on there.

And then inside that we can see how many new patients came from this landing page. How many came from this landing page? So you can set up multiple landing pages for dinner, with the docs for health talks, for screenings just for regular website, people that click on your website or different pages on your website or Google ads.

We have one. So we have all these different new patient portals, and that allows us monthly to see, okay, we have all these new patients that scheduled from external marketing. Where did they come from? Did they come from this specific source or that specific source? And it really helps give us the data that we need to make data-driven decisions on how much money we spend on advertising and marketing views, a Facebook advertiser that uses high-level type system.

It all links back into high level. Somehow get figured out how to do that. So it’s all weeds back into there. And when they, the beautiful beauty of this. When you’re using an online new patient portal, as soon as they pick the appointment time, it builds their schedule into our EHR. For us automatically sends them the new patient paperwork and makes it really convenient for them to fill it out.

Directions to the office, a video from us, welcoming them to the clinic. So the whole process is automated through that. So that’s some tips at converting advertising to marketing dollars. And you should be doing that, like moving forward. That’s the name of the game. Otherwise you would spend way too much money in places that you probably shouldn’t.

You’re not getting the best ROI. So that’s leveraging landing pages and tracking success. Number two, reactivation ideas. So this is the scenario that’s going on now. 2020 happened and all the craziness. And we lost a lot of people. Not because they didn’t value what it is that we did or they couldn’t afford it, but their life just got crazy.

They moved, they lost their job. Their kids were homeschooled. Something happened that changed their entire life. Now we’re two years out of that year, out of that, hopefully six months out of that and people’s lives are getting back to normal. You reaching back out to them now is okay, I have space in my brain and my life to get back in there.

I know I need to get back and do this. I’m just busy. So you’re just helping them remember, Hey, we’re still here. If we’re a service that we can provide to you. And you’re, in a place where this is a good decision for you now is the time. So that reactivation to go out to inactive patients. So we send a one-time text.

It’s gotta be a text message. Email open rates are atrocious at like 10 to 15% tax rates are 90% plus open. You’re going to see it. So if you do email, most people, aren’t going to see it. It’s going to go to spam or whatever. It’s gotta be just a quick short email text. Ours is coming from our COO of our office.

Just say, Hey, Jim, reaching out to you. This is Jason from higher healthcare. It’s been a year since you’ve been in the clinic. Just want to follow up and offer you a complimentary evaluation going into the fall season. This is something you’re interested in, just has to be back Jason, all it says and it’s automated.

So it goes out one year after they have been in the office glass. So it was from the last time they arrived in the clinic, 365 days later, they’re going to get this text message at 9:00 AM is how we have it set up. Actually, I have it set up at 9:17 AM. So it feels like a random time and it feels like it’s a customized message directly from.

And as a Texas back, we can see that. So that’s in this kid system, they help us set all that up so that we’re reactivating people automatically that way. But once a quarter, we send out a one-time message. Everybody’s saying, Hey, we’re going into fall season. So we theme it. So if you’re a kids and family practice, it’s a great time of year to, Hey, let’s kick this test.

If you want to do a Saturday assessment day or something, and all kids can come in and you do a certain type of evaluation or assessment for kids on that day. That’s a great way to bring a lot of new people into the clinic and existing people that value the technology use in your office. If you use scanning technology, nerve assessment, thermography, SCMP HRV, whatever the technology is, you want to pause your scales, whatever, bring them in doing that.

So that one time blast this time of year. That’s a perfect way to segue that. So just know you gotta be reacting to people. You gotta they want to come back in your clinic. There’s a lot of them not. It’s two X, three X more people reactivating from our efforts now than 2019 and previously because of what happened in the world.

So make sure you’re focusing on reactivation for marketing in Q3, going into Q4 last one quality content on a consistent basis. So Fiverr F I V E R in Upwork, UPW, or RK are two sites that you can hire contractors, even if you have a very small staff and you don’t have anybody that’s good at work.

You could hire contractors that put content together for you. As simple as something like this you can see this 12 things you need to know to be healthy. You can go through these 12 things and they’re real simple. Like your body is smart. You are designed to be healthy. You create 12 pieces of content on those 12 core concepts of what your philosophy is in chiropractic and you audio record them.

So you just get on your phone and hit audio recorder. Just speak for a minute or two on your body. As smart wise, your body is smart and you upload those to fiber Upwork in a contractor for 30 bucks. We’ll take all of those and turn them into. Turn them in, type all that out for you. And then you can put those into your CRM or automation system.

If you use constant contact or we use scanning to do all this for us, but we just set it all up, put in the email content. And then that goes out on a consistent basis in newsletters. So if you use those 12 core concepts and you used it one a month, this is a couple hours of your time at the max and you can have a newsletter content, email.

The first Tuesday of every month for the whole year. And it’s better than what you’re doing now, probably. So those th that, that naturally is going to bring more internal, new patients and, reactivations cause those people are on your list and they just keep getting no information about, oh yeah.

Oh yeah. I see that. I see that. So text message is a great way to do that one too. Anytime that we can use texts to send people that information that’s really good at. Obviously super beneficial. So you want to be, you want to have that consistent content and you can hire contractors to do this for you.

Cheap fiber FIV, E R for is a great way to do that. The last one going into this one for August is just keep the energy really high in the office. Do fun things. Think about families that want convenience now more than. And experienced now more than ever. So something really fun. We do the first week going back to school, most families come in at 7:00 AM before school starts, or three 30 to five o’clock.

So we expand our availability afterschool, and we do that through our software system. So normally we only be able to see 10 people every 15 minutes. Now we pump it to 16 or 20 people in those time slots. So families can. In there. And we just figure out how the office flows to make that work, but they’re coming after school.

So if you have kids, when you pick them up from school, it’s the first thing that they say. I’m sorry, do you have food? You have a snack. I’m so hungry. So we have snacks in the office for that whole first week where they can grab granola bars or apples, or we pop or whatever. And it’s just a huge relief for the parents.

Like we’re going to the chiropractor, they’re going to have snacks. So you want them to know that you’re going to have snacks. So the week before we’re sending out, we set up a rapid text message. So the incident they arrive in our. They get a text message before they even get adjusted that says, Hey, let’s double check.

Make sure your schedule’s on for next week. That all your appointments work still with the new school schedule coming out of summer. And then there’s like a picture of popcorn and snacks and stuff, and we’ll be having afterschool snacks for you. So don’t worry about that. We’ll help feed your kids next week.

And it’s just a graphic that goes to them in text message. So we’re being proactive with that. You gotta be proactive. Cause if you’re not the week of school, your volume drops by 40%. If you’re a family practice. They’re like, shoot, I have an appointment today at two o’clock my kids in school. I can’t come in and it’s just chaos and a mess.

Cause most people aren’t looking that far ahead in their schedule. So you want to be helping them be proactive and using text message and technology in your office helps automate that. So you can do that at a high level. Hopefully you got something out of this some marketing and advertising ideas going into the fall and some things you can do to get back to school.

Don’t forget. Dr. Drew Rubin, who was one of my mentors in chiropractic school, phenomenal guy, super smart about chiropractic and everything to do with pediatrics is going to be doing a show here, coming up with ChiroSecure. Don’t miss that. And then after Monica burger later in the month. So thank you again.

We’ll look forward to seeing you guys in September. We’ll be back into school, full swinging. After labor day. We talk in more things that you can use to leverage your time and efficiency. See more kids and families and get better results with chiropractics. So have a fantastic August. We’ll see you guys in September.

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