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Monday Mandate UPDATE December 6th, 2021

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Good morning, everybody. This is Bharon Hoag, the executive director of OneChiropractic and the Chiropractic Defense Council coming to you today, Monday, December 6th for our weekly update. So as you can tell the background’s a little bit different this week. I’m actually currently in Nashville, Tennessee.

At a freedom conference. I’m actually been connecting with Children’s Health Defense with, I can stand for health, freedom, and a number of other groups from around the country that have been what we’re calling freedom fighters. It’s been an incredible conference. I’ve connected with so many different people got in roads a little bit deeper with some of the larger organizations across the country.

And also put the chiropractic defense council on the map. It’s been a phenomenal. A lot of talking. A lot of networking and a pooling of resources. So very thankful to that. I do want to thank Stu and Terry Warner for the invitation and for organizing the event and allowing the chiropractic defense counsel to be a part of what’s going on.

With that, I will tell you that around the United States, we’re still in the same position that we were. We now have seen even more federal court decisions now stopping the CMS across the country. So we’re not seeing anything coming from a federal level at this point. We’ve had no other reports of chiropractors having any issues anywhere in the United States, whether it be contesting, religious exemptions or people showing up to their offices.

We were just not getting really any information at all on that. However, we are starting to see vaccine passports are starting to be talked about on the west coast. And we expect that’s probably going to start being a conversation in the blue states and the new England states. So we’re going to keep an eye on that and continue to communicate with our attorneys as we move forward.

But I am sensing that there’s another wave that’s going to start happening as Omicron comes in again, the data on that is, is so bogus already. It’s not even funny. We’ll see if our country, actually, I know that Biden had done a travel restriction to South Africa. That was a bit premature considering that the findings of Omicron are very weak coming out of South Africa.

But we’re going to see we’re expecting that something’s going to happen in that regard. So we’re keeping our legal team on precedent. This weekend, when I was here, I’m talking with Leah Wilson, who is the executive director and co-founder of Stanford health freedom. We are going to start really moving on phase three of our agenda.

If you remember, phase one was to keep you practicing. Phase two was to make sure we provided you with resources and phase three was to act. Give you resources you needed for your staff, your patients, your family members, because that’s outside of our purview. I’ve made it very clear from the very beginning that the defense counsel was only gonna focus on the rights of practicing chiropractors.

But I know you guys have a lot of other issues that you’re dealing with, again, with your patients, with your children, with your spouses and other family members as it relates to their schooling, their employment, other types of issues. And so we don’t want to turn a blind eye to that. So I’ve made an Alliance with Leah Wilson at Stanford health freedom.

So in the coming weeks, you’re going to start seeing a more organized information coming from us to help you with those other types of issues that you’re dealing with as a, an authority in your community. Remember, your job. Number one is to be the chiropractor is to practice is to keep in your life.

Your job is not to be the advocate, not to go out and start doing stuff. There are other amazing groups, Josh Coleman, Stanford health, freedom the NAC scene national vaccine information group. There’s just so many groups that are doing those types of things that if you, as an individual, want to go and be a part of that.

But putting a target on your back and removing you from your primary responsibility, which is providing chiropractic. That’s not an okay thing for me. I, we need you adjusting. We’re fighting hard so that you can continue to adjust, not for you to turn around and do things that remove you from your adjusting tables.

Please stick in your lane. I promise you, we’re bringing you resources. We’re bringing you items that make a difference. And so we want to make sure that you get that. And so I’m excited about making that Alliance with Stanford health freedom. That information is going to be coming out soon.

We’re going to be providing you resources. You can put in your clinic. Providing avenues for people to get signed up for petitions and creating networks to be able to go to legislators and all the different things that stand for health freedom does so well. We’re going to tie into that. So I’m excited about that collaboration.

We’re also continuing to move on our lawsuit and rodeo. I know a number of people have been asking what the status of that is. We did oral arguments again in the appeals court on the 22nd and now we’re still waiting we’ve yet to get a ruling back from that, we don’t anticipate it’s going to be a favorable ruling.

We’re actually prepared for that. Our goal is to just continue to move up the chain until we can get it back in front of the Supreme court. But we will keep everyone updated as we continue to move that process through. I don’t have any new information about New York or Maine, either. Those cases are still being refiled.

But there’s a lot of things happening. We’re finding more and more data that’s coming out about natural immunity. We’re finding more and more things. About the ineffectiveness of the vaccine. So the science, the true science is on our side. I got a chance to meet with Dell big tree and talk with him a little bit, and he’s working with us on a couple of things and not just listening to what his group is.

Unveiling in their research has been incredible. I got a chance to sit down with Mary Holland and really we’re going to start joining forces and work that’s happening in Australia. And just so blown away with these organizations, I’m so excited that we’re going to be partnering with them and teaming up with them and working across the world to ensure that the rights of not only chiropractors and allied health professionals, but just citizens in general.

So I need you to know that the defense counsel is playing on the big field, where we’re sitting at the big boy table on these issues, and we’ve gained the respect of these other organizations. And that in large part goes to a lot of you. I couldn’t do what I’m doing. If it wasn’t for you contributing our team could not do what they’re doing.

If it wasn’t for you, trusting in us and contributing for us to be able to do the work that’s being done. And I want you to know, yes, we, in the United States, we’re preparing we’re organizing. We have our team in place. But the money that you’ve been giving is helping us to ensure that we’re providing for those in New Zealand and Australia right now, which are ground zero.

So I want to thank you very much. And I’m going to ask you to continue to spread the word as I shared with you before we’re right around 2,600 contributors. We really want to get to that 5,000 mark by the end of the year, if at all possible. So I’m asking you to continue to spread the word, share with people that we are connecting.

We are aligning with. Creating the infrastructure that our profession needs to be as protected as humanly possible. And that only happens when we have not only the financial support, but the numbers of people that we’re communicating with and ensuring that everyone’s getting the right information. So I’m asking you to please continue to spread the word.

I know, everyone is motivated when you know, they’re there, they’re in the frying pan and most of you right now in the United States, we’ve got things under control. But it’s coming. We’re not done here. There’s going to be another wave and we need to continue to build our war chest.

We need to continue to build our infrastructure. And so I’m asking you chiropractors in the United States, you allied health professionals in the United States to continue to spread the word and get connected. We’re asking for $33 a month, it’s a very nominal amount of money for you to commit to be a part of what we’re doing.

So please share this video again, let people know what we’re doing and how we’re working. Telling yet the work that’s being done is unbelievable. And in my 27 years in the profession of chiropractic, I’ve never seen the receptiveness for chiropractors. The way that we have, we are elevating our status as a profession throughout the healthcare community, around the world.

There’s such an amazing opportunity for us to rise and lead as we always should have been doing. And this is a phenomenal platform. We are not pulling any politics. We’re not pulling any reputation that defense counsel as widely respected. Around the world right now. And that’s large part because of you guys.

So please help me and continue to spread the word again. I normally do it at the beginning of the video, but I’ll do it here. Thank you so much to all of our partners that have been helping to distribute this information. You know who you are, you can see it on the screen, but we just love you. And we appreciate you.

Thank you for sharing this with your groups and for allowing us to be a part of your mission as well. We have some exciting days ahead of us. We’re starting to gain momentum in this. And again, a lot of that has a large part to do with each of you and your trust in us as an organization. So we love you.

We appreciate you. Please make sure you reach out to us. Our website, I apologize. Last week I told you about our new website. We had some glitches when we launched it, but it’s up now. I’d love your feedback. You can see what we’re doing in the other countries. You can watch the videos from the other countries so you can get enough.

Of what’s happening. But we just appreciate you. We love you. We thank you. Help us spread the word. We need more people. We need to hit that threshold by the end of this year. So we can go into next year, fully equipped and prepared to take on anything that comes our way. So we love you. We appreciate you.

If you need anything, reach out, otherwise we’ll talk to you next week.