Valuable Resources for COVID-19

Hello everybody. We are back with the 5 Minute Crisis Response for Chiropractors. Again, I am Eric Hoffman, executive director here at ChiroSecure, and for today’s show we’re going to do something a little different. We’re going to go through some resources and data for you all to have at your disposal that we have available on our website. Some calls we’ve been getting have been looking for some of these things and so we really just wanted to share with you some of the resources we have and have made it easy for you to access. For today’s purposes, we’re going to guide you towards them and walk you through a few of the cool ones that we’ve put together. The first thing to do is to really go to our website, on our website you’re going to notice a pop up on the bottom left that talks about the COVID-19 situation, the pandemic, and you’ll click on that to bring you to the resource page.

On that page, you’ll see this mug here and you’ll see a lot of different things that we’ve been doing so far. You’ll see the shows that I’ve put on and you’re going to see some bullet points and dropdowns for information that you might find useful. One of them that I find really cool that we’ve recently put on there is the sixth dropdown is an online screening tool for patients. This is something that, believe it or not, Apple has actually put together and we have two links there for both an application as well as a screening application on their website. That is something that you can use with your patients. You can send to them, you can have them complete hopefully prior to them coming to your office because the whole purpose is for them to show if they’ve had any signs, symptoms, et cetera, that preclude them from coming to your office or make them a higher risk.

That is a really cool tool that we’ve been putting out and that some of our doctors have found really useful. Some of the other dropdowns are pretty self explanatory. They go through a lot of the shows we’ve done so far and there’s some transcripts available as always and the data and the write-up is under there with the video. That’s a really cool spot to take a look at. Going lower, we have lots of links to different resources. A couple of them that we’ve been getting questions about recently because last week the government opens the small business loan applications and the ability to get a loan for a business. And if you look right in the second row in the middle, there’s the small business loan guidance. When you click on that, it takes you to the website and it goes through a lot of that data for you to help guide you and see what might work for you, your clinic, et cetera.

Because these are important things that the government’s putting out in the stimulus package to make sure that you and your business are protected and can be funded, especially in a time where your office may need to be closed for a prolonged period of time. That’s a really important one to perhaps take a look at and get some information on. Along similar lines to the left and right of that link is the SBA loan assistance as well as the stimulus payment calculator, also really good resources to help guide you through that process. One of the things that I keep harping on, on this show as well as the calls that we get from you all is the fact that your local and state health departments are huge and enormous resources that can help guide you. Especially going back to the topic we discussed when a patient or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, what do you do?

Again, one of those drop-downs, you can watch the video and get a lot of that information, but on the third line in those links that we were just talking about in the middle it says your state and local health departments. If you click on that, it’s a guide on your state and local health department guidelines. Pretty self explanatory. But I always recommend to reach out to them if you have questions, concerns or need their guidance on how to address a certain situation. And we’ve gotten different responses from different doctors in different states that have reached out and it is pretty across the board in terms of what they’re recommending. I can’t predict what your state might recommend in a situation like that, but it’s important to reach out and see what they do, document who you talk to, what they tell you and follow those guidelines because that really does reduce your liability.

Something bad goes wrong and you point back to what they’re recommending. That’s a pretty big safety net for you. A really good resource there. A lot of the other things, I would suggest maybe on some off time, take a look through everything just to get yourself up to date. We keep updating this as we go along. There’ll be other things that pop up as time goes and as we find additional resources for you all to make sure you’re protected. Again, today was really more of just an update on where we’re at, what we’re doing and the resources we have available to you on our website. We really hope that you find that useful and that it may help in a certain situation that you might not have good direction on. Of course, we’re always here for you if you want to reach out to us over the phone or via email as well, don’t hesitate to do that.

I would be happy to chat with you personally. Other than that, keep in tune with these shows. We’ll be back on Wednesday this week and again we do them Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and you’ll see at the bottom of the screen on today’s episode, if you text the word COVID, C-O-V-I-D, to the number listed, you’ll get a lot of goodies there in addition. Thank you for tuning in. We really appreciate all of the support and praise we’ve been getting for doing these. We’re going to continue along and make sure you guys are protected. Thank you. Stay safe, stay happy and we’ll see you soon. Have a great day. (Silence).

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