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Dr. Don Reno

“Hi. I’m Dr. Don Reno. I’ve been with ChiroSecure. They’ve done an awesome job for me for a long, long time and I can simply say…”

Dr. Jeff Rauch

“Hi, I’m Jeff Rauch, a chiropractor in Sterling Heights, Michigan. I’ve been a client or customer of Dr. Stu Hoffman for several years now. He’s taken care of malpractice needs. He’s done….”

Dr. Ken Hughes

“Hi, my name is Dr. Ken Hughes. I’m from Dearborn Heights, Michigan. I have been using ChiroSecure now for 25 plus years…”

Dr. Lisa Bell

“Hi, I’m Dr. Lisa Bell and I love Chiro-Secure, we’ve used them for years. I love the videos that he presents and even the fact that…”

Dr. Cheryl Snyder-Hughes

“Hi, I’m Doctor Cheryl Snyder-Hughes from Canton, Michigan. I’ve been with ChiroSecure for a long time….”

Dr. Jeff Buller

“My name is Dr. Jeff Buller, I practice in Michigan. I’ve been a client of ChiroSecure for as long as it’s been in existence. I’ve been very happy, I’ve had a couple of instances where I may have had a claim,…”

Dr. Amanda Apfelblat

President of the Michigan Pediatric Association ChiroSecure talks about why she has been with ChiroSecure for over 13 years.

Dr. Jeremy & Amanda Hess

“We’ve been with the ChiroSecure for over 10 years. We’re thankful to have the mentorship and the guidance of, if there’s ever a situation of, Stu and his team at ChiroSecure, you can’t go wrong.”

Dr. Tom Klapp

“I feel great about the service and just the overall feeling of confidence that I have in Dr. Hoffman and his ChiroSecure company.”

Dr. Kevin Fogarty

“If I ever have a question, I can go ahead and pick up the phone and talk to a chiropractor about the chiropractic issues because it’s chiropractic insurance.”

Dr. Jay Handt

“They’ve been behind us. They’ve worked with us. My family is under it, and I really appreciate the support that they do at Life University.”

Dr. Jim Gregg

“the individual itself who’s in charge of ChiroSecure, the key person, is as solid chiropractically and philosophically as I could ever expect anybody to be.”

Dr. Tedd Koren

“… the service is great, the prices are great, and the coverage is excellent.”

Dr. Paul Reed

“His team is amazing with their service. “

Dr. Ron Oberstein

“They are chiropractors, they understand chiropractic and they’re supporting the profession like nobody else. Check out ChiroSecure.”

Dr. George Curry

“I select ChiroSecure. Why? Because it’s a company by chiropractors for chiropractors.”

Dr. Lisa Conant

“they offer a ton of great support, and seminars, and webinars to always make us be as safe and secure and strong as possible.”

Dr. David Steinberg

“He handled my situation directly, class act, in a timely manner, told me exactly what I needed to do and everything was resolved literally, almost overnight.”

Dr. David Livingston

“Whenever we have a situation, Dr. Hoffman gets on the phone right away and mediates our angst.”

Dr. Eric Duncan

“Hi, I’m Dr. Eric Duncan. I have offices in Brighton, Michigan, and Waterford, Michigan. We’ve used ChiroSecure for probably 8 years now, and we’re happy. They are there…”

Dr. Kamlesh Patel

“I refer a lot of friends to Chirosecure.”