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Vision Casting For Your Pediatric Practice

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So welcome. My name is Dr. Erik Kowalke. This is the Look to the Children’s show with ChiroSecure. Big thanks to Dr. Stu Hoffman and ChiroSecure and all that they do for the chiropractic profession in hosting these shows. And so many shows that help us as chiropractors learn more and just be educated on what we need to do and how we need to do it in so many different scenarios.

So if you don’t use ChiroSecure, definitely check them out. We’ve used them for over a decade with multiple docs in our clinic. All kinds of scenarios they’ve helped us with. It’s super awesome. So this Look to the Children’s show. We focus on how you can see more kids and help more kids and just get better before bigger sometimes.

And I really liked to give you stuff and information that you could take back tomorrow or this afternoon or Monday, and implement in your practice and move the ball forward and help more kids. Our offices in grand rapids. How your health chiropractic? We see hundreds and hundreds of kids every week.

We’re averaging like 1500 visits a week. So we see about 600 visits a week in kids. And what was striking to me in the last couple of weeks, I saw a lot of families I’ve seen for 10 years since we first opened. And as what’s the biggest change? You’ve been coming for 10 years.

What are you really. And overwhelmingly the answer was we just, we w our family’s healthier when we feel like we’re a healthier family. We don’t meet our deductibles anymore, and we don’t get as sick as often. And when we do, we recover faster, we just feel like our immune systems are stronger. And I heard that from multiple different people.

And that’s so cool. Cause we teach that, we know that’s a premise. Power the body within itself heals itself and you remove the nerve interference and improve the function of the body in turn. It’s gonna work better. But it’s really cool to, be farther along in practice and see people that have stuck the course and believe the same thing we believe and get the same results that we know that they should get is really cool.

For this show, we’re going to talk about vision casting for 2022 and a couple of main words. If you’re taking notes that you should write down for today’s clarity is going to be really important. And then product and process, because you need to know what are you really selling? I think for a lot of chiropractor, We get in a thing where we sell whatever people really, we feel like they want to buy at the time.

We’re like, are you a pediatric practice? Yeah, I’m a pediatric practice. If I walked into your practice, would it feel like a pediatric practice? I can tell you, we found a kids, normal doctor, what do you call on them? Pediatric specialists was, is I guess what we thought we were going to.

And somebody that was natural health minded and what it really was is a pain clinic. So you walked in and it was pain clinic. Everything was like low back pain and posters on the wall where, they did shots for people and stuff, but they also saw kids, but didn’t feel like a place that they saw kids.

So when you think about your practice, if you really want to see kids for 2020, And you were a kid. You could even go in your office and get down to a kid’s level and look around and see what does it look like? Because it looks like a place that’s inviting that a kid is going to feel unguarded and want to be part of.

I can tell you even in our clinic today, I probably find stuff by doing that and I’d try to do it once a year. That’s oh yeah, that doesn’t look quite right. Or that’s something that’s not, maybe not making them super comfortable. You really got to have stuff on your walls that exemplifies kids, even testimonials for kids, pictures of your family, pictures of other families pictures of kids, of different ages, boy, girls, different races.

They have to look and see pictures of people that look like them. And they’ll gravitate towards that and you’d have testimonials of kids. And if you’re a newer office, even if it’s not, your testimonial is you can do chiropractic testimonials, chiropractic pickup. All of this stuff is really important to create a culture in an environment that feels like it’s a pediatric practice.

Screaming babies makes it feel like it there’s kids here because there’s other kids running around, which means it’s okay for me to bring my kid there. So when you’re looking at your vision for 20, 20, 20 to 2022 start with that, like the office culture and the office environment, is it geared towards.

And if it is, what can you make it? How can you make it even better? I’ll give you a couple of things that we do in our office. We have a birthday box, that’s a treasure chest. One of those home stores, I found a treasure chest and we filled the treasure chest with toys and things for birthdays. And so the kids can see it.

It’s behind the front desk and they know on their birthday, they come in on their birthday. They get to open the trunk. And pick a toy out of the treasure chest, and they think it’s just the coolest thing ever. We do a princess club and a super hero club and it’s like little name badges. So if you start care and you’re a girl, you get princess badge, and then you get three stars on there.

If you use, we give them one of those little toy Tyro, clickers, so that they bring those home and. Use it, and they practice adjusting somebody at home or an animal or something. They get a star in different, they show up to their appointments, they get a star and there’s different things that they like can achieve through this principles club.

And then they get more awards for that. And it’s just a fun way to create engagement and make the office in front of. So I would say there’s always another level that you can do with that. So just look at what do we want to end of 20, 22 to look like this is what vision casting really should be, is clarity on what was the end of the year look like?

What do we want to achieve? How many kids do we want to see? How are we going to get there? What do we want the office to feel like? Do we want our community to know how your health chiropractic is the place to go? If you have kids and you’re looking for an alternative Alternative to regular medical care, which everybody’s looking for now, by the way, I’m sure you notice as well.

There’s no better time to be a chiropractor. There’s no better term to be a pediatric chiropractor. There’s no better time to be educating on the power that body heal itself and natural health care. That’s what people are looking for and that’s the message of chiropractic and that’s what we can do.

So with your vision, Cassie, what do you want it to look like? What do you want it to feel like? What is your product that you’re selling? Are you selling lifetime family care? Does it, is there clarity around that for the practice member or the patient when they come in, do they know you’re a lifetime family wellness clinic?

How would they know if you’re not telling them or they don’t see pictures on the wall and they don’t see a lifetime family mural or something, how would they know that people come forever? And granted people coming to our office with neck pain, back pain, headaches, migraines, colic, reflux, digestive problems, same stuff that come into your clinic for it, just within those first couple of visits.

How do you communicate that? And how do you communicate it without telling them everything? If you can put more things on your walls and give a really good tour and have the process, show them that you’re a lifetime family clinic wellness clinic, and that you seek kids without you telling them, Hey, we see kids, that’s the goal.

So you got to look around, what do you want your product? If it’s not lifetime care for kids, is it acute care for kids? Do you take care of special needs kids where you have to do a lot of extra special stuff? Whatever it is, you just get really focused on, on that thing. And then that clarity will flow over into your team, do they really know what is our avatar?

What is our perfect scenario person come into our clinic? And do we have this place set up perfect for them? No. I think a lot of times what we do is we know what our avatar is, but for some reason we set up the things on the walls and the process almost to gear towards the people that aren’t the avatar to try to convince them.

Then the people that are the. I would say, just go after your perfect people and build the space for them, create the process around them care plan for them. All of your education goes around your perfect people. And so that, that helps get your team on board. If they’re they have clarity on what is the product you’re selling, what is our process and how does that process align with our ideal client and our ideal product?

Secondly, is your marketing aligned with that? Does your marketing align with that? If your product is lifetime family wellness care for kids and families, does your marketing show that, or is your marketing for low back pain and headaches? I can assure you if you market for what you really want to see and what your advertising is, it’s going to work.

A lot of Facebook ad agencies will only use. Neck pain, back pain type stuff, and they get results for it. But what happens, you get people that come into the office, but they’re not your avatar people. And it just shifts you from your mission and your focus cause you are pouring energy and time and you only have so much energy and time.

You’re pouring energy and time into people that aren’t your ideal clients. When if you shifted your marketing towards your ideal clients, I can assure you they will come. And then you’re pouring your time and energy into that. It’s going to just 10 X itself because lifetime family wellness patients come forever, but they continue to refer forever too.

We get 60 to 70 new patients a month, just referrals, internal referrals, people telling people. And that’s an ideal practice because we don’t have to go out there and, spend five grand a month on Facebook or whatever, and continue to rebuild the. We’re just on mission to serve people and they tell everybody and I think a lot of it’s come from our vision casting and our ability to just get really focused and have clarity on our product and our process and what we’re doing and what we’re here for and who we’re serving and then how we’re going to do that.

And so I’d encourage you for 2022, even if you’ve already done your vision casting or it’s coming out just really focus on that as the leader of your clinic. If you’re the. Does my team really have clarity on that and you’ll find out if you just ask them, if you just say, Hey, what’s the product that we’re selling.

Do you feel like our process aligns with that? And do you feel are our ideal client coming into this space feels like this place is what they are looking for. And they’ll give you an honest answer for that. And. And then it just comes back to your core values and your mission. So hopefully you have core values for your clinic.

If you don’t, I encourage you really focused on getting those core values and having those part of your culture in your clinic. So core values, aren’t something that just go on the wall that you know, is a frame or a poster to say, Hey, this is our core values and you just never talk about them again or revisit them with.

Everything is ingrained into your core value. So every time you talk about a procedure or a process or goals, it’s all around your core values, because that’s the essence of who your company is and who you are. So our core values we serve is one of our core values we serve for the sake of serving.

We serve. Which is really important. It comes across in so many different areas, even yesterday. We had a foot of snow in our office, in our town and our team still showed up and we served a hundred and some people yesterday. And those are people that desperately needed chiropractic care and we had to, go out, above ourselves and.

Show up and serve them. So we serve others as one of our core values. We educate on the principle is everything that we do. We always educate and go back to the principle of care practice and the principle of the power of the body heals itself. And the truths that align with that really keeps us focused and helps our team make good decisions.

Anytime they’re in a scenario where they’re not really sure how to answer this question or which way to go with this. To the principle of chiropractic. And we live the mission. We communicate with others with boldness and transparency and we live what we talk about. We get adjusted, we tell people, we live the mission of chiropractic, which is super important.

And then finally we exude joy in all things that we do. So internally as a team we exude joy with each other. We exude joy to every person that comes. We create an extraordinary experience for them, which is super, super important because every person that walks in their lens of a healthcare facility is very medical.

And so the bar is set pretty low for you guys to create an extraordinary experience for them. And let me tell you what that does is that the, you go the extra mile to make their experience great. Make them feel warm and well. If the insurance bills wrong, or, they have to wait a long time or something happens in the clinic.

They’re going to have a lot more grace for you because they feel like they’re part of your family and their experience was great versus it’s their experience. Wasn’t great. And they don’t feel like they’re part of your family. Every little thing they’ll make a huge. And then it just creates more stress and more work for your team and for you in all these different areas and so extraordinary experience getting back to your core values creating clarity around your product.

What you’re really selling and what you really want your office to look like at the end of 20, 22 is super important. And then writing that out and showing your team, it’s gotta be written out. This is exactly what our office is gonna look like at the end of next year. And that keeping track of all of the things that you did to.

We redid our exam rooms this year. We did so many things in our vision casting. It’s coming up tomorrow and we have all of this laid out to show our team, Hey, this is all to be accomplished last year. We’re going to celebrate everything that we did in 2020. We broke 2000 active practice members.

We did a lot of really awesome stuff last year. And that’s important for you to celebrate with your team just as much as it is to come up with the goals and all of that too. So hopefully you got something out of this that you can take back to grow your practice in 2022. I do this show the first Thursday of every month at 1:00 PM ET Eastern and Dr. Monika the third Thursday of every year. She does her show and she’s super awesome. So if you’ve never caught her show do that these are typically 15, 20 minutes. Interview style sometimes go over core value stuff that is applicable to the time of year. But yeah, thanks again to Stu Hoffman and all that he does for ChiroSecure and this profession of chiropractic that we love so much.

The further do you have a great January? I’ll see you guys in.

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