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Vision – It is nothing until I call it

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Hello, everyone. It’s great to be back here and to connect with all of you. Uh, first of all, I want to thank, uh, Dr. Stu Hoffman and his ChiroSecure team for bringing this production possible because, uh, it is so important. So, um, in the point for us chiropractors, that we’ve been around to share our, our wins, if I will say, through the whole journey for, so there is already a path and, uh, I’ve been following that path and, uh, and that path is being, uh, incredible what I can say that, uh, I’m enjoying my dream practice. And that is my wish for every one of you that are you listening to, or watching this, the show is that you can also have your dream practice, you know, dream it three late and go for it. Uh, I was saying that I, I I’ve been around since 19 as a chiropractor since 1983.

Um, probably, you know, when I got out of school as a chiropractor, um, I also quit with my technique. I was equipped with my education to take my boards, which I did take out, uh, here in Florida, you know, but what I was more equipped was my, the train that the training that I have on the doctors said Williams. And he was, um, I remember back then, he used to give us some Tuesdays and Thursdays the, um, he used to lecture us, you know, and during those lectures, he was introducing to me, uh, new words, new concepts. Okay. And, um, which was all about what created, what it helped me to create my vision. And I think, uh, you know, like what is your vision? The, the, the conversation today’s conversation is about vision. Okay. I’m probably adding, you know, adding technically say that I had a vision back then, but I was years being moved forward by the excitement, the enthusiasm that you can feel on every classroom of that school, doing Dr.

Sit Williams, we were all on fire. You know, our brains were to the point that would used to say, we change the war with chiropractic, you know? And, uh, so it was like amazing. And what I did as, as I got out of school, I had an extinction of that. That also helped me on my dream practice, which now I understand it came from a vision, right. When I move into, uh, into helping Dr. Joe Joel. So being, uh, yes, working in his practice, starting from low, do everything, watch everything. Yes. Watch another master at work. But this one actually on the field taking care of lots of people, people outside waiting rooms for adjustment rules for, and there was so much joy. Um, and, and the identity that I saw on these two men is, were like something that I was saying, man, this, I mean, what, what, what is what keeps them moving? Right. So I really feel that, um, any, if any, any new, uh, doctors out there is that you need to exercise the power of your dreaming, you know, dream what you want.

Uh, once you dream what you want, you know, stay focused on it, stay focused. And every day you say to yourself, which is what we’re thought by doctor said at the D meetings or Tuesdays and Thursdays, you know, he used to say, once you see what you want, you got to say, I can, I must, I will. I am, you know, and you repeat it yourself. You repeat it, you repeat it, you repeat it. So when, so you become, I am my vision. I, um, my dream. Okay. So actually, you know, he was embedding in us the lasting purpose philosophy, and the last purpose philosophy is a mindset for success, for what kind of success, whatever you want, whatever you want. Okay. But you gotta be accountable for everything you are accountable. Now using this lasting purpose mindset you can use to be, he used to tell us a story so we can get it. You know, I will never forget about this story about, about, um, two teams on a little league play in baseball and the, it was a championship game. And almost at the end of the game, you know, last evening, last pitch. I mean, not last pitch, but last, the last batter and the game was Ty.

I think it was tied. Right. And then there, the cow was, I guess, three and two. Okay. And then the pitcher throws the ball and the ball goes by and the catcher gets it. And then the empire wasn’t saying anything. And now the parents, they start from one side for one thing, and the parents have their thing. They were at each other, they were saying a strike ball, astride ball, it’s dry ball. You know, almost a big fight. And then the empire say it is nothing until I called it that story. Oh man, I’ll never forget. Because by saying that he told us about it is nothing until you called it, you know? So you call wherever you want to call. Okay. Maybe you call success being in your house. That’s your success, Mary, you call success being a chiropractor. I understand what chiropractic is.

Okay. I like, and I really mean it. When you get out of school, chiropractic is, is the, the principles are simple. Okay. What do you do? You allow the body to be a 100%. If it’s not 100%, by what? By the chiropractic adjustment, a scientific and a specific chiropractic adjustment to a subluxation to release the power, to release the inner power of the man of the person, the same power that has created them from an, a sperm and an egg, you are releasing that power. So it is nothing until I called it. Could you imagine, I mean, whole word being checked by you for subluxations and what will happen as a result of that?

Okay. We are blessed to work with that power. We are blessed to know that it exists. We are blessed to put it where it’s supposed to be above, down, inside and out. We’re so blessed. Okay. Not only that we, you know, we are able to do and give such a service and we get paid for it. I’m very well. So we must give this, this gift, which is chiropractic. We must give this chiropractic adjustment, which is a gift to humanity. We must get this understanding, which is chiropractic philosophy to people. So we can remove the subluxations that they might have above their head above Atlas, which is limited them to be the best that they can be.

The world needs it, 7 billion people in the world. And they don’t know there is a feeling, but they don’t know. I hear you. You come and you say it is nothing of delight called it. I can, I must. I will. I, um, every day, uh, I keep repeating it to myself and there is no nothing that I cannot get by using, by utilizing these principles. So chiropractic is a service profession. We must be with people you can’t afford to be negative. You must go to people and tell them the story. Tell them about this magnificent power that is with them. Then what authority, the tell them that there is no uncurable diseases only on curable people and what a subluxation can do to them by fact, is going to reduce your power to heal.

And by fact, by performing a chiropractic adjustment, a scientific operatic adjustment, you raise in that person’s capacity to function and to heal itself. The word needs to hear the message, because the message that listening to right now is that the curious outside in, and if we see if that will be true, I want to see if you can get a dead person alive from outside in, but it’s, the moment is now for us to shine to P to let people know that only life heals. And as long as you have life, you got hope. Chiropractic brings hope to people.

If they have life, they have hope. And if you can remove a subluxation with a chiropractor, with a scientific chiropractic adjustment, you allow more life into that. Being that life, that intelligence, it is amazing to see daily. You know how by is living this principles, how by being those, these principles, I am, you know, I can see hunches and ideas and people coming into our lives because they’d be not attracted, but that’s something that’s something that is within every one of us. And, uh, I, when I, when I started my chiropractic office, I started out, I was going to parks with my chiropractic spine. I was just talking to people and tell them about what I do and embedded into my office. And then from there, somebody just took me to a radio station. And then from there, somebody is, took me to a TV station.

And then from there, you know, I was going to schools and yes, there were like, they were attracted to, to that, to this message that look, you know, he just did something on my back, chiropractic, adjustment, scientific, you know, and, and I’m different. And it’s so awesome because every day I get the same thing, you know, people are so thankful for where we can give, but when, when you know, understanding this is that, how do we keep ourself on that flow? Okay. And to keep ourselves from that flow is, would have to know that we have to realize a vision. BJ Palmer used to call the vision of the far where people will be, you know, without chronic subluxations.

Okay. But also something very powerful, which is called your purpose. Do we purpose, you know, your purpose, your operating power, which is a, there was that the, um, there was a phrase that they put on the, in the blue book of D E of an OBE. They used to say a man, a man without a purpose is like a satellite lost in this space. Yeah. You must have a purpose. And that purpose is going to realize your vision dreams. And, uh, so that purpose, you know, is kind of, is, will bring other qualities in you that you need to exercise like persistence. You must be persistent.

And, uh, and, and, and the, the result of all, this is how you become a magnet, how you start attracting people. And there is more people coming in every time and they keep showing up and they keep showing up. And what you do is like another, you know, it’s like being in the desert and having the last glass of water. You tell them about it. You tell them about it with passionate. I would enthusiasm those. How could, you know, be enthusiastic about this principles? How could you not be enthusiastic? If you can turn on somebody slide, you see. So it’s pretty, it’s pretty wild. You know, what’s going on in our, in our heads and how, uh, how we practice now, what I have learned through how throughout the time is that, you know, you, you, you can practice on flow. Okay. And then you can also have like flow breakers. And what I notice is that that flow, the flow of break is mostly is, happens with who we believe we are instead of who we want to be. Okay. If we come from who do we want to be, for example, if we want to be successful success for me, uh, it means that, uh, I love my patients. My patients love me. And, uh, and, uh, and that’s my success. Then if you come in from that point, even if you’re not there, okay, it’s a whole different story.

So you want to start from that point on. Okay. And, uh, and is there an estate on that watching your, the communication that goes on within yourself? How are you talking to yourself? You’ll find that a lot. Okay. For example, you know, I remember when AF, um, aside here out of school, one of my challenge was to speak in front of a lot of people. And I was going to give lectures because that was part of my dream practice is to do my orientations three times a week. Okay. And, uh, so, so it was like, wow. Now I got to get in front of people. And I, and then I learned that will happen. Well, what’s happening before I was going to go on the show on nor the show I’m on my orientations. I was talking to myself and I was talking to myself with all believes that they didn’t serve me.

So what I did, I started changing my conversations from within unconsciously, unconsciously, and a result of that, you know, and now I am, I stand up in front of my orientation with an authority that everybody’s attracted to and a tease by watching my inner dialogue and removing something that who knows. I picked up when I was a kid, okay. That it made me insecure and allow me to be in front of them and to speak with authority about this great power that is within every one of us. And it can be accessed by every one of us. And as a chiropractor using scientific chiropractic adjustment, I can remove on a structure, a physical obstruction that you have on your spine and allow you to be better than what you were, and to love that the power of love. So it was like a magical just to learn, to watch that and to start removing all kinds of flow breakers that I, that I call that were restricting my journey, my, my journey to my, to my destination or to my purpose or to my vision. And by doing that, it opened up all their territories. So now I went to Peru and by being in Peru, people didn’t know, no, no clue. What chiropractic was I here we are started by carrying a spine to a market. And then from there

A Dr. Walter, um, I think we lost your, um, feed, if you could come back in, that would be terrific. Looks like we might have lost Dr. Walter. We’ll give him a couple more minutes and see if we can get him back. Um, so stay with us, please. The show’s wrapping up anyway, but stay with us and we’ll see if we can get Dr. Walter back on for you, by the way that timer is not being run. Don’t worry about that timer. I’m just using this as a placeholder while we’re waiting for Dr. Sanchez. Okay. We’re back. Dr. Sanchez is back. Just keep going.

Okay. Uh, so, so it’s excited after I’m 38 years of practice to still, it’s still a hungry to reach people with chiropractic, and honestly is I love to, um, meet chiropractors and feel that I still, I just want to remind, remind you guys, if you don’t know, October 21st is the E in Atlanta. Okay. And, uh, please one invite you guys, if you haven’t been there in a while, or you have never been there just calm and, and just be there because it’s not a seminar, but it’s is a meeting, is a meeting and some meeting where, where you go around leach, something from within.

Okay. And then you can keep enhancing that inside of you by using lasting a lasting purpose, which is your mindsets of success. And it happens every three months. No, and I haven’t stopped going. It’s like, that’s what I gave my adjustment for my love Atlas with I remove anything that is limited. Any belief that it holds me back. And when I, um, where what I, what I see is unlimited or limited possibilities on this beautiful chiropractic life that we have. So, uh, uh, I’m inviting though, and just make a decision on what your vision and your dreams and part of your decision, make a decision to go to the meeting or to a few of the meetings, because it’s just willing once is to have a jacuzzi. It’s like going into a jacuzzi, bye, keep on going. So you can nourish your conscious so you can implant in your subconscious, okay. This lasting purpose, where of life, uh, so make a decision, then commit to that decision. You can make a commitment, commitment going to chiropractic school, go being on the doctor said, go to the, we learned about the importance of committed commitment. How committed are you in everything you do?

Okay. And then to take massive action. And that massive action sometimes is being holed by what, by your beliefs, but your limited beliefs. So you need to empower, you need some belief that can empower you. Like I say, you’re going to pick all that up by going to the meetings and surrounding yourself with other like chiropractors that there will make you accountable to help you on your dreams. It is a, and it’s always an honor to be here and to be able to represent chiropractic anywhere I go. And, uh, and that is it deep inside my heart. I hope that this, this, uh, this production can help you and help you move and to learn that, that it is possible. Everything is possible with God. Everything is possible. And when I say everything is possible, it is if you stick with it, if you remember, when I say I can, I must, I will. Anything you want to practice in the moon? I con and I must, I will practice in the moon when, sometime, I don’t know, but just keep saying it to yourself, bombarded through your subconscious mind. So you can go into your subconscious and your subconscious. We created.

Yeah. And don’t forget the baseball example that I gave you. It is nothing until I called it. It is nothing. We’ll be like called it. I want to thank you again. And I will tell you that

It looks like Dr. Walter got thrown off again. So let me close the show for him for ChiroSecure. Remember, next week we have Chen Yen. Um, we’ll look forward to you joining us. Then I’ll make sure that we get Dr. Walt, his video complete for you again on behalf of ChiroSecure. We thank you for joining us on today’s live event. And we do apologize for any technical difficulties that Dr. Walter had. We’ll talk to you soon.