Articles July 31, 2014

Waiting a year will cost you up to $15,000 per doctor in your practice

This year will be a pivotal one for Chiropractors. It’s no longer a question of whether Chiropractors should integrate an electronic health record (EHR) into their practice, but when. If you start using a certified EHR solution in 2013 you earn up to $39,000 PER doctor in the practice from the proven government’s Hi-Tech stimulus program. Wait till 2014 and the maximum you’ll earn is just $24,000. Can you afford to ignore $15,000, per doctor?

As of December 31st, 2012, over 7,100 DCs have signed on to participate in the EHR stimulus program and over $23 million has been paid to DCs in federal incentive dollars. Yes, you’re buying an EHR to help you manage your practice more effectively, reduce costs, and improve your income, but if the government is willing to give you money that doesn’t have to be paid back, that’s icing on the cake.

Electronic Health Records is a necessity in today’s practice. Regardless of the type of payments your patients pay with or the theme of your practice (wellness, P.I., multidisciplinary, etc.) documentation is not only necessary, but the very basic foundation of your healthcare business. Being in compliance with our professions “best practices” is a risk management tool no one should twice about. The transformation from paper charts to electronic is not only the present, but the future of your healthcare business.

Updating your operating and billing systems by investing in EHR technology is a decision that will ring great echoes of applause and satisfaction from your patients because they care when their Chiropractor has invested in technology that will better serve them as a Chiropractic patient. Digitizing your patient’s records makes a world of difference in the way you manage the clinical portion of your practice. When you become more efficient in your business and clinical management due to EHR, your practice is preparing for a booming year end bottom line. The vast majority of DC practices that adopt and fully implement an EHR are likely to become more efficient and productive. That translates to more money in the door and happier, satisfied patients.

Obvious savings from EHR implementation: Less money spent on things like transcriptions, chart pulls, and reductions in storage space and supplies.

Obvious financial gains from EHR implementation: Improves reimbursements and revenue through improved billing practices.

Key benefits rarely discussed from EHR implementation: EHRs can help practices avoid expensive malpractice suits which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Clearer and more centralized documentation of a patient’s history in an EHR offers a stronger defense in medical liability claims. Better documentation reduces liability.

With over 20 years in private practice and as an active chiropractic speaker/ educator, Craig Berko, D.C. serves as a Business Development Manager for ACOM Health. Dr. Berko was instrumental in establishing the “5-Minute Kick Off Test” – an innovative free EHR analysis that helps a Chiropractor determine the pros, cons and necessary steps to shift from today’s practice to the Electronic Health Records practice. He may be contacted at

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