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Hi everybody. Dr. Julie McLaughlin here from Vital Health Protocols. And this week on Empowering Women, we’re going to be talking about weight loss in the chiropractic office. I’m so excited that you’re joining me and I have a few slides to share with you and let’s get started.

First of all, we know that ChiroSecure is our sponsor and has all of these wonderful shows with empowering women and pediatrics and all kinds of things. So let’s be sure to give a little. Let’s get some little hearts going thumbs up for ChiroSecure because they are an awesome insurance carrier for us.

And they provide so much more. And so we’re very appreciative of them. So we want to make sure we show our appreciation. So why would we want to do weight loss in chiropractic? When you think about it as kind of practice, we really are the early adopters of the therapeutic lifestyle that they call now.

But I know when I was in school, we called it the chiropractic lifestyle. That’s what we practiced. That’s how we raised our kids, our families in the chiropractic lifestyle. So we really are the first to practice this type of healthy lifestyle. So it fits perfectly into our chiropractic practice when we think about it.

And we have so many patients coming into our office with these co-morbidities like, of course, back pain, joint pain. Increased inflammation, decreased mobility, but they’re coming in with diabetes, heart disease, GERD, acid reflux, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, just to name a few. And so if they are obese and they’ve gained all of this way.

It’s really hard to help them with their healing, unless we also help them get their weight under control. So when we look at the trends, we all know it’s crazy. And so this is a map of the United States, of course, and it has the obesity. A rate, the diabetes, corny heart disease. Arthritis has 10 times between 2010 and 2020.

And that’s going to double again by 2030. And so obesity can contribute to more than 6 million cases of type two diabetes. And the majority of them don’t even know they have it, 5 million cases of heart disease and stroke, and more than 400,000 cases, acute. All attributed to obesity. So we know that these people are coming to our office for pain and by helping them lose weight, we’re not only going to help them with the pain, with chiropractic and the weight loss, but we’re going to also help them live longer by getting rid of these chronic diseases, because it really is a modern day epidemic.

Isn’t it? And it’s more than one. That excess weight causes inflammation. And by helping people lose weight, we’re going to biohack their body with healthy diet movement strategies to really improve their neuro-plasticity. And that’s what we’re all about with that spinal cord system. So this is the magic number.

If someone loses 10% of their body weight and it doesn’t matter. 500 pounds or 100 pounds, whatever their weight is. If they lose 10% of their body weight, their physiology will significantly improve. And what I mean by that is they’re going to lower their blood sugar. They’re going to lower their cholesterol.

They’re going to lower their blood pressure. And of course, they’re going to have less pressure on their spine and on their joints is just 10% that might not be there. Their, optimal ways or optimal BMI. But that amount is really the magic number that we like to see first. And so how are we going to do this?

We’re going to build steps either the steps into building a program in your office. First of all, there’s a ton of programs out there and they’re already designed and they’re already set up. And I want you to find a program that works for you. And we’ll talk about that here in a second. I want you to be able to launch this new product or this new service in your office.

I want you to have a system of support, and I don’t want you to be afraid to add a retail store to your office or online. So to find a program that works, you want something that’s going to resonate with you with your philosophy and how you practice. Maybe it’s a regimen with real. Maybe it’s with supplements.

Maybe it’s with exercise, maybe it’s with meal replacements, maybe it’s all of the above. Now we use a couple of different systems in our office and I won’t talk about those, but if you’re interested in what we’re doing, just message me. I’ll be happy to share with you, but I want you to pick what’s right for you.

And you’re going to be passionate about it. So if you’re not passionate about doing meal replacement, you’re not going to pick that program right. Or supplements, whatever it is but do what resonates with you because you’re going to be the leader. You’re going to be the teacher to teach your patients what to do.

So the next thing is that you want to announce this new service. So anytime you have a new server, you got to get the word out, right? You want to inform your current patients by email campaigns, put it on your website, your social media, YouTube videos do in-office flyers. And then of course, during your care plans or your visit, you want to have a personal invite.

When you have a patient that, that needs to lose weight, you need to address it. You don’t want any. Pretend like it’s not there, like so many docs, do you really want to dress it? And you don’t want to say you need to lose weight and don’t have something for them to have, to be able to do that.

I’ve had so many patients come in and they’ll say, my doctor told me to lose weight as well. What kind of plan did they give you? They didn’t, they just said I need to lose weight or one patient came in and said my doctor said, just eat half of whatever’s on my plate. I was like, oh my gosh. So we need to give them a really good.

So in, we also want to give them the details and we do this with our care plans anyway. So what does a patient really want to know? What’s wrong with me? Can you fix me? How long will it take and how much will it cost? If you put those in your message, that patient will understand that you’re there to help them.

So you want to have a system of support. So depending what kind of program you want, and there’s tons of them out there that are just really turnkey and you can put right into your office, but they will help you with the support and you will help your patients with the support or you have CAS or health coaches as well.

So in one study there was a program where the program continued to provide bi-weekly meetings throughout the entire year. Those people maintain almost 30 pounds of weight loss. Whereas those who had no further contact after the six months, they only retained about a 10 pound weight loss. One of the things that we’re doing in our office as well, to help along with this is group visits.

Monthly group visits. We have patients in groups that can talk together. And again, there’s programs out there that are also many. If you want more information about those, let me know. To try to get that community and that support because then those patients are really going to succeed and win and not only lose the weight, but keep it off.

So don’t be afraid to add a retail store to your office. You can either have it online. Like we do. We have supplements online. We have diets online. We have education online. Or you can even have it in your office. Let’s say you want to do a meal prep placements. You can have that in your office. And it’s a really good service for your patients.

Because if you tell someone I want you to eat this, or I want you to take this, it’s hard for them to find it, but if you have it available for them, it makes it much better for them. And for you. So that’s it for adding weight loss to your chiropractic practice. And again, I want to thank ChiroSecure for doing all the wonderful things in sponsoring us here at empowering women.

And I want to make sure that you tech in and tune in with us in two weeks and we’ll be having another show. I’ll see you then. Bye-bye.

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