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What the WHO Resolution Means to You!

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Lots to share with you today, as I update you more on what’s happening with our military work, as well as the research and information we found about the World Health Organization resolution. So lots of good stuff for you today. So good morning, our American chiropractors. My name is Bharon Hoag. I am the executive director of OneChiropractic and the Chiropractic Defense Council coming to you today, Monday, May 30th for your weekly update.

First and foremost happy Memorial Day. I know this is a holiday in our country, typically to support or to remember and commemorate. Those that we have lost both in service in our country and military as well as in our profession or maybe even in our immediate family. And so we’re, I hope you’ve had time to sit back, relax, and just remember those people that have served ahead of us.

I know in chiropractic, we have a lot of people to thank that have served in. For us to be able to serve the way we are today and our military and our country. I tell you, it’s been a very interesting education for me to realize the freedoms that we actually have here in the United States compared to other countries.

I didn’t really realize that before. I think, you don’t know what you have until you don’t have it a thing. And as I’m working in these other countries, realizing that we can’t fight the same way we fight here in the unit. Because they don’t have the constitution. They don’t have the freedoms that we have here.

So we definitely have a lot to be thankful for, even in the midst of the craziness that we’re dealing with right now in our company. We still have an opportunity to stand and fight as a people. And so that’s a blessing. And so I’m thankful for those people, I’m thankful for you. And hopefully you had a great weekend to celebrate those people and to remember the freedoms that you have.

I also want to thank you for your emails. I’ve gotten a lot of emails from people. As a matter of fact, I’ve been getting a lot of emails from people about the world health organization, which I’ll give you an update to that here quickly. I want you to know, we read those. They really do drive the current.

About what we’re doing. This week, Dr. Beecher had sent me an email asking me and sharing with me some information about the world health organization and what that resolution looks like. So as we had conversations with our lobbying team last. They’ve done a lot of digging.

They’ve talked to some of the leaders in both sides of of the political parties asking them why there’s not a lot of information about this. Some were aware of it. Others were not aware of it at all. Which again, proves the point that there weren’t any Infor there hasn’t been a lot of information about this, but our research has actually proven that.

What’s happening in the world. Health organization has a little bit of smoke and mirrors. There, the vote that happened this past week was really just about entering into this conversation and whether the nations felt like it was necessary. I challenged our lobbying team to really dig into the work world health organization.

Figure out its infrastructure, how it works, where it’s loyalty, I’ve been hearing all kinds of crazy things like China controls it and all of this craziness. The reality is the United States really funds the majority of the world health organization. And because we fund it, we tend to have a little bit more say or control because if we withdraw our funds, it can’t operate the way that it typically does.

But however, China. Tolerated, would be a better term to use because of their such a wildcard, because of all of the laboratory experiments they have, because of all the vaccines and drugs that they create and the testing they do, the world health organization tolerates them because they’d rather it go through that cycle than to go into terrorists or other groups of that nature that would monitor and fund that.

So I’m not saying the world health organization is a great organization. I think there’s definitely some left to be desired there and the way they operate, however, it’s not as doom and gloom. As we originally were believing with the reports that were coming out, we are monitoring this. We actually are doubling down and making sure that we stay above.

Of what’s happening with that organization. As we talked to some of the key leaders in our legislature, they even said there’s absolutely no way whatsoever that Biden could do any type of an agreement or an accord with the world held or world health organization, without it going through Congress, it’d be no different than a trade resolution that he has.

He can write it, he can sign it, but then it has to be ratified and confirmed through the Senate. There’s no way that anything is just going to happen independently of our Congress doing that. We’ve got a lot of relationships there now because of our work in the military, which I’ll update you here. But the bottom line is this nothing dramatic is going to be happening on behalf of the United States within that world health organization resolution.

We’re going to continue to monitor it. I know there’s been a lot of other organizations that have been asking you to write letters to your senators and things of that nature. We have not done that because we don’t want to mobilize our troops until we feel that work is absolutely necessary. And now I’m even more glad that we didn’t because it would have been somewhat unnecessary.

If you did it for other organizations, I’m not knocking. We are just way strategic when we go at these things and we’re not going to ask you to do things until we know they’re absolutely necessary. So that’s where we’re at with the world health organization. We’re going to continue to monitor that if anything, it’s put it on our radar, which I’m thankful for that.

And we’re going to make sure we allocate some time and energy to making sure the work that they’re doing does not in any way. The freedoms of our people. Now I want to give you a little bit of an update on our military work. We had just went through another round of talking to all of our key individuals on the armed services committee, making sure that they reminding them of our clause within the NDA that they’ve signed on.

They’re pushing that we’re, we’ll probably hear back on whether our pilot project stays in the NDA by the end of June early July. So we’ll give an update, but as of right now, everybody is supporting it. We have everyone from the armed services committee that is aware of it. They know about it. They’re there say that they’re going to assure that there’s some appropriation for that.

And then the fun begins when we start working on this project. Just wanted you to be aware. We’re also talking to some governors in a couple of states going after the national guard. We believe that’s another angle that we can go to that doesn’t necessarily require the deal with. Because it’s state funding for a portion of that.

So we’re starting to hit the pavement there and we’re going to knock any door down than we can. We know this military battle has been happening forever. Lot of people put energy into it. We’ve had some wins, but we’ve never. Really appropriately infiltrated the military appropriately with chiropractic.

And that is the work we’re doing. Every phone call. Every letter, every email that we send is just one step closer to making sure that our profession is more appropriately utilized and that the men and women that serve, have access to what we know to be the most effective method of health that there is.

And that’s chiropractic. So thank you to those that again, started this with us. We’re happy to carry this torch. We’re doing the work that is not. And we’re having a lot of progress and we’re building good relationships in the process. So lots of information for you today. I hope you have an incredible week.

It’s a short week for most of you enjoy that time with your family. Whether you watch this on Monday, or you’re watching it later in the week, just know that the work is being done. You’re not alone. And we appreciate you so very much. So have an incredible remainder of your week. We’ll be back at you next week to continue to share with you our conversations about digging into the infrastructure of the profession, because we’re doing that.

We’re having even more conversations. And I’m pretty excited about the direction we’re headed. So we love you. We appreciate you. God bless you have an incredible week and we’ll talk to you next week.