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What’s wrong with our brains? Drew Rubin

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Hello everybody. This is Dr. Drew Rubin, brought to you by ChiroSecure. We’re talking about Disruptive Pediatrics today. I want to thank ChiroSecure once again for helping put this on, and they’ve been doing so many great pediatric programs lately. Dr. Monika Buerger, Dr. Claudia Anrig. Wow. So we’re, you’re getting amazing pediatric stuff here through ChiroSecure Secure, so I appreciate.

They’re supportive. Great pediatrics. So let’s go to the slides now and today the topic is a really big topic that I think is very personal to me cuz it’s of what I focus on in my practice and I like to title this, what’s Wrong with our Brains? Last year actually about two years ago, one in 44 children were labeled as having autism by the C D C but not anymore.

Just a few weeks ago. It is now one in 36. It went to one in 36 which is really interesting when you consider that. When I was a kid in the 1960s and seventies, autism rate was one in 10. And now it’s one in 36. So what that’s now according to is 4% of boys in the US have autism. And in the UK they did a recent study.

This is an 800% increase in 20 years, 800%, not 8% or 80%, 800% increase in 20 years in just in the uk. And then let’s not just focus on autism, let’s focus on. 42% increase in the last eight years with adhd. Seizures. I have seen more seizure disorder issues than ever before. Epilepsy is at an all time high acquainted as c d c 1.2% of population and about four 70,000 kids have epilepsy, which is one form of seizure disorder and another kind of seizure disorder.

They call it psychogenic nine Epileptic seizures is three to 0.5% or 20% of children adolescents like, holy cow, where is all this coming? What’s wrong with our brains guys? 500% increasing concussions in the last five years. 500% now, yes. With concussions especially, we can say better diagnosis has occurred because of the movie concussion.

That really brought up a lot of things. Great movie by with Will, will Smith, but it’s not just that, it’s that we’re now seeing more concussions than ever before. On top of the improved diagnosis, we’re still seeing more and. Sad to say this one, but I’m just laying out the facts for you guys.

Suicide is the number two killer in kids 10 to 14 and number three killer in kids 15 and above. Wow. Wow. So if you look into, this is from the c, d, c, the top causes of 10 causes of death. And this is a chart and look where suicide ends up in kids 10 to 14 and 15 to 24. Wow. So the suicide rate is just skyrocketing.

Mental health according to the c d c, anxiety kids with anxiety 9.4%. So almost 10% of our kids have some sort of anxiety disorder, and four and a half, almost 5% of our kids have depression. One in six children, according to the cdc, says that between ages two and eight have a mental, behavioral or developmental disorder, one in six.

And if you actually include, that’s between ages two and eight. If you go up the between ages two and 18, now you get one in five. One in five children have a mental behavioral, developmental disorder. Excuse me. The recommendations have changed recently. In 2016 they recommended that all all teens should be to screen for depression.

And just last year they recommended that all kids ate and over should be screened for anxiety. In other words, pediatricians, you go to the pediatric office and when they’re teenager, you automatically get screened for depression. When you hit eight or older, you automatically screen franks eye. Its one of the things that they’re expecting pediatricians to do right now.

Wow. What’s wrong with our brain? By the numbers from the McGovern due to M I t brain disorders, including developmental, psychiatric, and neurogenerative diseases represent an enormous disease burden. Look at this so we’re not just talking like I, of course, I’m a pediatric chiropractor, so I focus on kids, but let’s not just talk about kids for a moment.

Parkinson’s. Alzheimer’s, 55% increase in Alzheimer’s, 50% increase in Parkinson’s. The last 15. Wow. So what’s wrong with our brains isn’t just one. What’s one with our kids’ brains. It’s what’s wrong with our brains, right? The world’s brains. It’s not just the us it’s the world’s brains. What’s going on here?

The World Health organization recently said there is ample evidence that pinpoints neurological disorders as one of the greatest threats to. So maybe my thought process of being a brain-based chiropractor, you could say there’s just a little sliver of people. No, everybody around the world is talking about this, including the World Health Organization.

Now let’s take a step back and talk about 1900 the year 1900 to, to now. So back in 1900, what were the number one and two and three killers, right? It wasn’t cancer and heart. That it was mostly infectious kind of things. It was like tuberculosis and GI issues. That was the number one and number two killer.

So obviously from then, 1900 until now, and this is 2010, but you can still about the same. 46% decrease in deaths from all these kind of things. But there’s also been a 47% increase in cancer and heart disease during the same time. Now, why is this important? Because in this same article, which by the way, if you want, there’s the link over there in this same article.

What it shows is like the other section, right? The, and this is critical. The other section, that’s where the broken brains is being like put. Nobody’s really talking about the number one problem at our time, which is broken brains. Yes, cancer is a huge thing. Yes, heart disease, huge, right?

Stroke, all those things. Absolutely huge. But that other, that’s where we fit in, right? That’s where chiropractic fits in, especially for our kiddos. We really need to take care of our kids broken brains. I see them over and over and over again. Yet another kid comes in yesterday who’s, On the spectrum and high functioning though, but on the spectrum.

And you could see he’s suffering and you could tell what’s going on. Just looking at his face, the suffering that’s happening in his face that you could see in his eyes. Who takes care of these kids? It’s us. We’re taking care of these kids. Yes, all brain-based issues have skyrocketed. But what’s wrong with our brains?

Like to me, if you want to put a word on it, like someone said to me just the other day on, on Friday, one of my patients said, what is wrong with all our brains? What? Why are so many kids having all these different issues? And the answer in one word, one word is neurotoxicity. We have created a neurotoxic world.

We have created a neurotoxic world. So what do we have to. What do we have to do? See, so we could talk about what’s wrong with our brains, but what’s right with our brains is that we can try to alleviate some of the neurotoxic. That’s what we can do as chiropractors, is we can try to reduce the neurotoxic stress, right?

You can’t change what’s out there, right? But you can change how the body is responding to this and you can change through kids getting adjusted. You can change through helping them with nutrition, so they’re not only eating mac and cheese and pizza. You can’t get these kids to move instead of sitting on their iPhones all day.

Playing, all these kind of games you can teach them comic techniques. So I’ve been teaching kids now breathing, deep breathing techniques and meditation and yoga. That’s what we can do too, because the neurotoxic stress is gonna be out there, right? We can’t stop all that neurotoxic stress, but we can help alleviate that and strengthen the other side.

And by giving them chiropractic and talking about nutrition and talking about exercise and talking. Calming techniques now I think we can really start moving into a new generation where their brains, even with the neurotoxic stuff coming in, their brains are more resilient. And that’s what it’s all about.

Now, I teach a lot of these things through the I C P A. If you’re interested, you can use this this QR code to check us out. I teach at the Polyvagal Institute with Dr. Steven Por, so you can use that QR code if you wanna have more information about. I have a podcast. I do a podcast every week.

I posted my 503rd podcast this morning. So I’d love to have you listen to it. And there’s the QR code to that o overall, what we gotta do, ChiroSecure friends and family out there is we gotta adjust more kids. We gotta adjust more kids. And that’s what I’m about. That’s what Dr. Onr is about.

That’s what Dr. Berger is about. We’re all about the same thing, which is how do we take more kids? So what I want to say in conclusion is, Yes. There’s a lot wrong with our brains. Yes, we have a neurotoxic world, but yes, chiropractic care has a place in helping change those brains, helping alleviate what’s happening with the neurotoxicity because the neurotoxicity is like a wave.

Coming in, but maybe as a what we can do as a guide is we can teach them how to body serve. We can teach them how to swim, we can teach them what to do as the waves come so that even though the wave may crash around them and they’re still able to stand up and get stronger and healthier, and that’s our goal.

So thank you so much, ChiroSecure for having us. Thank you so much all you guys, and please let me know if there’s anything I can do.

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