What Chiropractic Leaders are saying....

Dr. Richard Burns

ChiroSecure is the best hands down. Dr. Stuart Hoffman (great name) who runs ChiroSecure is a great guy and will be very helpful. You should recommend them to all of your classmates.

Thank you, Danielle. Please tell Stuart that the customer service from the staff at Chirosecure always goes above and beyond the call and I, for one, am deeply grateful.
Merry Christmas!

Carleen A Thum
For the Best in Health and Wellness,
Carleen A Thum

Dr. Gary Walsemann
Past President, ICA


I have personally insured through ChiroSecure for over 20 yrs. They provide an outstanding program, one that focuses on Chiropractic and offers the most comprehensive coverage available. Over the years, they have been great supporters of the ICA, Pediatric research, and many other groups in the Chiropractic community. I recommend ChiroSecure malpractice insurance to all Chiropractors!

All employees at "ChiroSecure",

Again, I appreciate you having my back. It is definitely something we take for granted until we need it. Last year when I had to hire an attorney to help defend me against allegations of insurance fraud with my state board and Blue Cross Blue Shield, you guys stepped up real fast and assisted me for my legal fees. All was well and released as it was obvious that the charges were filed by my ex-employee to cover her own criminal acts while she was an employee for me. It was a rough but an important time in my life and you were there to help. Thanks!!!
Dr Tim Stranahan
ChiroSecure offers the best coverage at the best price for doctors of chiropractic and that is why we highly recommend their safe and sound coverage to all members of The Masters Circle. I would urge any DC to compare their policy with ChiroSecure's outstanding coverage and find out for yourself why we recommend them with confidence and pride.
Bob Hoffman DC
President of The Master's Circle
Today, chiropractors must protect themselves from claims. ChiroSecure's comprehensive coverage is the best I've seen in the industry with defense and audit expense coverage for Insurance Audits, Billing errors and omissions, Board investigation and hearings and HIPAA.

You owe to yourself and your loved ones to make sure you're protected. I would recommend every doctor out there give Stu Hoffman a call right away to get the needed coverage to protect their assets.
David Singer DC
David Singer Enterprises
I recommend all Chiropractors use Chirosecure. Chirosecure really lives up to its name - you are secure with extensive coverage;. the rates are excellent and more importantly - everyone tells me how great it is to work with Dr. Hoffman, that he really cares. Well what do you expect? He's a DC who has had lots of experience in running a practice and understands what we have to deal with.
Tedd Koren DC
Tedd Koren Seminars
I have known and supported Dr. Hoffman and his company, ChiroSecure, for over 6 years now. I am still amazed by his compassion and desire to serve our profession. Most companies out there have been created to make a profit and grow, not that that in and of itself is bad, but it is very special when you find one that is create to increase the livelihood of its own space. ChiroSecure is and has been my only recommendation for chiropractors. They have a comprehensive package for coverage and still find themselves less expensive than their competition in most states. This only leads me to believe they are here for the right reasons. I am a fan and always have been, they are my one and only recommendation for Malpractice Coverage!
Bharon Hoag
Executive Director
Ohio State Chiropractic Association
Chirosecure is an insurance company that represents the principle and philosophy of the present and future of the chiropractic profession. In addition, their coverage and service are phenomenal. As one of the leaders of Elite Coaching, we recommend this company to all our clients and non clients.
Fred DiDomenico
Elite Coaching
ChiroSecure has the most coverage that defends your practice in an audit that comes as an added bonus with your malpractice. This amount is double any other malpractice company's limits. It is the only carrier that I recommend to my clients!
John Davila
Compliant Services and Solutions
I always know with Stu and ChiroSecure----we are always covered! Any issues we've ever had with our clinics/attending doctors (and issues DO occur!!) have always been handled quickly and professionally. I go to bed at night NOT worrying about malpractice liabilities…I know my company is in great hands.
Damon Walton
As a doctor of chiropractic, I've been purchasing malpractice insurance since I first graduated in 1987. In the 23 years that have followed, I have purchased malpractice insurance from several different companies. ChiroSecure has not only provided me a service from a company whose morals, ambitions, and affiliations are the most congruent with mine, but they are also clearly the most comprehensively dedicated to instantaneously protect and lift up that which is most important to their clients. At this point, I now serve hundreds of doctors all over North America, and I have never once received a statement of anyone's discontent with the services provided by ChiroSecure. In fact, quite the opposite is evident. I have had many of my clients leave their existing malpractice insurance carriers in the midst of difficult times, only to be taken in and protected as a safe harbor by ChiroSecure and Dr. Stu Hoffman. Standing behind every passage at ChiroSecure is the fact that Dr. Hoffman exercises a level of dedication, morality, and personal ownership that is the very hope a doctor needs to practice with peace of mind.
Dr. Dean L. DePice
Co-founder of TLC 4 Superteams
Dr. Stu Hoffman has been able to save our franchise owners a lot of money on high quality malpractice insurance. He's our "go to” man and he runs a very good business.
Chris Tomshack DC
HealthSource Chiropractic, Inc.
We've used ChiroSecure since its inception for our own practices. Not only are the rates the best around, but they have excellent coverage. I recommend ChiroSecure to my clients because of their unparalleled service. They are always available to answer questions and provide assistance with all facets of liability issues. It's reassuring to have the resources of ChiroSecure just a phone call or mouse click away!
Kim Klapp, CA
Coach and Founder of the A.C.E. Program (Assistants for Chiropractic Excellence)
Chiro Secure continues to provide outstanding service and availability to answer our questions with regards to all our malpractice needs. ALL of our Chiropractors here at Chiro One Wellness Centers are insured and secure with knowing that if we need it, Chiro Secure will be there. We thank Dr. Stu and his team at Chiro Secure for his outstanding commitment to our profession through their dedication to making sure all Chiropractors are covered with the best coverage to allow us to confidently serve our patients.
Dr. Sam Wang,
COO ChiroOne

"During my term as president of the ICA, I requested the formation of a new malpractice program that would service the needs of our members. The ICA’s ChiroSecure Program was formed and has become a model to the profession. I’m proud of our program and recommend it to every chiropractor".

- Jim Gregg, D.C. ,
Past President ICA, Garden City, MI

"When I'm practicing I want to be in practice and not thinking about insurance. ChiroSecure gives me that security and peace of mind that allows me to focus on my practice and not on fear."

- Dr. Bob Braile,
Past Chairman of the Board, ICA


"I have been using Chirosecure for over ten years. Chirosecure not only has the best rates, but the service is outstanding. Just recently I needed my policy page (I had misplaced mine). I called Dr. Hoffman, and within 10 minutes he had faxed me the policy. I would highly recommend Chirosecure."

- Ken Hughes DC FICA,
Past President, Michigan Chiropractic Association



" Just a note to say that Lindsay and your team, did a VERY professional job on the expedited processing of my new policy. She and the others I was in contact with, including you....of course, were efficient and effective in responding to every question and phone call that was initiated. Every step was completed on your part in a timely and professional manner.

I thank you and acknowledge you and your team for a very professional job well done. "

- Dr. Mark Burdell

Dear Dr. Hoffman,

At this holiday, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping me through my malpractice coverage crisis with NCC. Your comforting voice, your thorough knowledge and patience, and the speed at which you resolved my problem did not go unnoticed! Many insurance companies promote that they are the silent partner behind a practice, but you are the only company that seems to be the real deal! Thank you for your support. I hope to maintain a relationship with you and your company for as long as I practice!


- Dr. Josie Centore

Dr. Hoffman and all the staff at Chirosecure,

After all the years we have been working together I can say without any reservations that you are all the most helpfull and patient people I have the pleasure of dealing with.

When we speak on the phone it is clear that you are looking out for our interests and that you really care.  You are also, all of you, very polite and caring.

Thank you all,

Dr. John Solan

Dr. Hoffman,

Thank you so much for taking my call yesterday. I was absolutely in panic mode, and I so appreciaed a voice of reason. I think we just get so used to the jubilation filled phone calls, "oh my god my headache is GONE...." etc, that I am out of practice on the flip side.

I spoke with her yesterday afternoon and went through a bunch of options with her, and she wanted to wait and see how she felt today. (but her headache, which she is prone to, had already subisded from a 7 to ta 3.

All is well. She woke up this morning feeling fine, and was very grateful for the time I spent on the phone with her etc.

So, Thank you again.
A blessed and wonderful thanksgiving to you and your family.

Amy Burke

Dr. Hoffman,

Thank you very much. ChiroSecure has always had the best service and I feel like I can trust ChiroSecure. NCMIC sent a check every few months for not killing someone while insured with them but they never treated me like family. I feel like I am part of the ChiroSecure family. I also like the company's support of REAL Chiropractic and the continuation of our profession. Just wanted to say thanks.

Matt McReynolds

Marc Weissman

Dr. Hoffman and staff are amazing! Very professional and courteous whenever I call. Dr. Hoffman is a great resource to me and my practice.

Jessica Thompson

Not only did ChiroSecure lower my malpractice insurance rates by 25%, but Dr. Hoffman and his staff were wonderful to work with. It was such as easy process! Thank you!!!