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Chiropractic Malpractice Insurance – Essential Posture Resources for Patient Education

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Welcome everyone to ChiroSecure’s Facebook Live. I am absolutely delighted because this is my favorite month. And in so telling you about my favorite month, I want to share that May is Posture Awareness Month. Why does that matter to everyone’s practice? Because if you can’t get the essential posture resources out to them, they’re not going to know that.

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We’re the absolute expert in being able to monitor their posture. Evaluate, diagnose, and treat that to which many of us are unfortunately suffering from. Whether it’s eight to ten hours a day at your desk, or in fact you’re a chiropractor and you’re not watching your own ergonomics, this is a month for all of us to be aware and have the ability to share these resources.

As we can’t do it without all of these fabulous sponsors, so take a look. Maybe every time you see a Facebook Live, contemplate if there’s one sponsor there that you know nothing about, and that maybe you could investigate just a little bit at a time of your day to learning more on who’s sponsoring.

The awareness campaigns that we are putting out through the foundation and these are fabulous sponsors. As always, ChiroSecure, we thank you. This opportunity is made possible because of you and for us that means that we need to now engage with our consumers during posture month. One way, change your walls.

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Yes, Update them. Remember we talked about updating your wall so that they talk to the consumer that’s in the, in your office. If you’re sitting there and you’re waiting for the doctor, and you look at the wall, and the wall poster changed since the last time you were in. You will pay attention. I know I have.

And the potential for you to do 12 posters behind one frame is really awesome. This is a great one. Five tips to improve your posture. Make it number five so it falls in May and you can have your staff help you with this to keep your walls alive. Because even though we have these great TVs in most of our offices, even though we have a minimum time to see them, Sit in that waiting room in minimum time to sit in that diagnostic room.

These matter. And so this is an 18 by 24 poster you can find at our website and you can post it both on your social media and on your walls in your office. Ebooks are so important because it gives them a reflection, especially if they’re suffering with back pain, on what the cause is. How many people have talked to you about, oh, it just hurts when I sit for long periods and they grab their traps and you know exactly what it is.

But they don’t. And if you can engage them by putting out ebooks on your social media channels, on your website, even hosting your own Zoom meeting, this is the time for you to reflect on how are you touching your community. Your CAs are there to help you. Perhaps, You want to do a kindergarten talk.

These are great times to do it. And I could even recommend two books that are geared towards the kindergarten student, the grade one or grade two, that you could read and then show them what good posture looks like. The future of chiropractic is all about prevention. And when you can. Changed the life of a young person, that means that they will forever remember those chiropractic moments with you.

And as we go across the nation, you saw the Today Show. This is the time to put myths versus facts out there and how chiropractic is Care gets a head up on Technic. That’s another ebook and tip sheets that you can put out at your front desk. These can also be QR coded so that if you look for the QR code, you can download them and then put them on your website as well.

So your patients can have access to them. In any one of your rooms, simply by picking up our monthly brochure and talking to your patients or having those QR codes. Now, talking and walking the talk, critical components to communicating, collaborating, and celebrating. Chiropractic. One is posture is life.

This is a customizable PowerPoint and we just finished talking about the kindergarten. What if you go into a high school and you start talking about screenings? Remember the adolescent spine is one that is currently being undervalued and the in regards to how technology is impacting it. And if we bring awareness to that undervalued reality that your spine is the host for the nervous system and the critical components that it offers the body.

And that we not only gain greater confidence, increased diaphragmatic movement, but also energy. Recall that energy, the spice to life. People want more. Here’s an easy way to get it. And we want to help our young people look at what posture correction looks like and how they can engage during the day.

You want to follow up with them. Young people need realities like selfie, thumb Also having things like Tech Neck brought to them and Instagram elbow. There’s all sorts of things that are happening to our youth that perhaps they may not be thinking about, but you treat and Shrimp posture is real.

It’s that forward, think of that C curve that many of them are in when you watch them, whether you’re Sitting at a an airplane terminal. It’s painful for me to watch. I know it’s painful for you. Engage those moments. That’s why May is so very important because ask yourself this, if we don’t do it, who does it?

And that’s a real important question. If we don’t talk to them about the everlasting changes that TechNet can cause, how shrimp posture is real, and how tech utilization is being, creating all sorts of degenerative problems for our younger people, I don’t know who else is going to do it. So I’m asking you to take this month in May, although we’re closing in, I know it’s the 21st and we’ve only got a few days left, but it’s never to remind them about their posture and ours too.

How many times have you thought about that cervical adjustment that you’re about to give in your own posture? Is your head falling down in a forward head posture? Is your body rounding, your shoulders are crossing over? Think about all the things we do as practitioners. So this is Also, an inevitable call to arms for you, my brethren, that I need to protect your health so you can protect the health of others.

So like they say in the in the airplane, you have to put the oxygen mask on first. Are you taking posture checks? Maybe you’re going into the corner and stretching your pecs out. Maybe you’re sitting at the wall showing a patient how to do it because it’s good for you too. So what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Don’t forget using those pieces to engage with them on social media and infographics. But a perfect swing can only happen, as you very well know, if you’re in a balanced alignment. So we had this commercial, now we had a campaign this year to reach a hundred and 24 million patients. Let me tell you, it was an extraordinary adventure.

And we just captured the first day the commercial went out. If you look down there, we had 111, 000 views on the first day. So can we make awareness happen? The answer is yes. Is it going to take everyone? Yes. This is Unite and Prosper. We no longer go with Divide and Conquer, my Doctors of Chiropractic. And most of you have already seen this commercial.

It’s aired on the Masters Tournament on the Golf Channel. And just bringing it to your attention is you can go to our website, you can download it, you can put it on your website, share because people are going out to golf right now. They don’t know that you can change their lives. They don’t know how you impact the perfect swing.

And they don’t know that the number one injury in golf is in fact low back pain. That foot closely following elbow and wrist and many consumers still don’t know we treat extremities. So it’s our job during posture month to talk about the perfect swing, perfect posture. Optimized musculoskeletal condition and being able to have a Chiropractor who can share with you why and how injuries occur.

So that’s going to be one of the pieces now I remember explaining a few months back. We were doing three new commercials and Hopefully you’re as excited as I am. We just launched it Finished golf. We’re now moving in to the rodeo, and I’ll tell you what, if there’s a person to talk about spinal misalignment, the impact on the body, is it not a bull rider?

Think about the G forces that bull rider takes. 50 G’s. That’s more than a fire, a fighter pilot, more than a Formula One race driver. Think about the impact, and yet that bull rider jumps off that bull. and knows who and where they need to go next. Who the chiropractor, where we’re going to be behind the scenes of the Calgary Stampede.

And you’re going to come with us. We’re going to shoot some B roll. Oh, the fun we will have. So where does the foundation go for you? Everywhere and anywhere that we can make a difference, but we need you to be with us. Hand in hand walking through all of the options that patients have to optimize their health, whether it’s a bull rider or a bareback Rider, it’s an amazing event and it is ripe for a spinal adjustment Now I told you we were going to reach a hundred million.

Let me tell you this we reached a hundred and Forty million households engulfed. So did we just blow our Goal up, we raised a million dollars so we could reach a hundred million patients, but in the first sport, we blew it up because of you. When you support us, we support you and we support the community that you’re in.

And that, my friends, is why you can consistently have well documented, highly expert, Information to share with your population. We all love puppies and butterflies, but reality is a patient doesn’t get better until you educate them. So five tips to improve your posture. This is our marketing roadmap.

Exercising, sitting up straight, getting proper alignment, having the opportunity to get a proper spinal checkup. Yes, we get our teeth checked. Yes, we get our spine checked. Change the world one person at a time. That’s why we put together a marketing resource guide. This is the guide to help you market yourself.

Many of you are sitting there saying I cannot take another patient so I can’t market on social media. Don’t do it for you. Do it for everyone else. If you’re overflowing in your practice, One, donate to the foundation and two, continue to market because whatever you’re doing it beautifully and other people in your community are going to need your services.

Keep marketing, whether you’re a million dollar plus practice or you just started out. Marketing well, efficaciously, and with quality information is the key to our future. Now, speaking of our future, what updates do we have for you? I am delighted. It’s rare that I get to do a trifecta of awesomeness.

Remember I told you last month I was going to keep you on the edge of the seat because I had so many good things happening. I was rolling in happiness. Let me share what happened in the last month. Yes, we won in the 41st Annual Healthcare Awards a gold award. For what? When we got to the Healthcare Advertising Award, they looked at our Monthly Progress Update Newsletter and they said, on industry standard, you’re above and beyond.

We’re making history happen, and we get our newsletter out to 80, 000 chiropractors. This touches the office staff across the globe, and the information that we have, such as our roadmaps, our infographics we got recognized for that in a creative, quality, message effectiveness, consumer, is it appealing to them, graphic design, and overall impact?

I’ll tell you what, the health Care Advertising Awards thought it was a gold approach. And after that we won that beautiful Airmes Award, which you’ll see on the other side of the screen. What is that for? It’s for our social media. Yes, we are making progress and we’re making progress together. The Airmes Creative Award actually celebrates creative marketing excellence.

And it’s across industry and disciplines. So the last award, this is an amazing, oh I don’t know how you get better than this, but I’m not going to say that, but this, the Annual American Business Awards Which is a very highly regarded award. We won in the thought leadership of government and non profit.

And that is aimed, my team, cultivating a top performing team at the foundation. We were recognized for what we’re doing, which is optimizing the advantage of chiropractic care on a national and now global level, both for our internal audience, and our external audiences. So let’s go back one, two, and three.

Yes, those are your awards. You’re working with us. You’re part of the team. We are uniting and in doing so we’re creating top notch level awards. Now ask yourself this, what difference does an award make? And I’m going to ask you, what difference did it make between being a B student and being an A student?

How do you know? That when you were going through school, you were getting the material, that you were accelerating in your chiropractic education. You got measured. Test and measure. What’s the benchmark of excellence? You don’t know until you put your hat in a ring with the American Medical Association, the American Dental Association.

When you know, You’re at the top of your game. You’re winning gold, silver awards. That, my friend, is why these awards are so important, because we know we’re hitting the mark across disciplines. And we’re marketing excellence. Bring the excellence to your community. Maximize the opportunities for success.

Now we have also some fantastic ways to market with your state associations. So they’re helping us. So we can reach more wellness within. This is the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors. They placed this particular billboard around their state on Route 40 in Atlantic City and that was done from April 15th to May 12th.

I also want to make you aware that May is always stroke. month. Why do I tell you this? Because in fact, it’s a difficult month for us. This is the month where we get hit really heavy. And when those patients come to you and they need answers because they see the negative press that happens, you need to be prepared.

Homework is done for you, my fellow chiropractor, because we want you to be at your very best all the time, anytime. So what are the things that you need to make sure your consumers, your patients in your community know? Strokes are rare. Cervical or artery dissections, one per 8. 1 million chiropractic office visits.

Let that stat sit with you. Number two, arterial dissections of the cervical arteries are very rare in occurring two, maybe three persons per 100, 000 in the population per year. This condition is created with neck pain and headaches. And many times, as you very well know, that individual will consult you.

But they’ll also consult other health care providers, which is why you need to share this information when asked. and or put it out there if in fact there has been many questions. Because as we are aware of the research and there’s plenty out there, we need to make sure that patients understand that stroke can follow at an equal rate regardless of the type of provider.

Epidemiological studies Over many years with millions of patients, do not reveal any greater association of strokes per person under chiropractic care compared with persons under medical care. That is an important statistic everybody needs to know. No, we are not causing strokes. Yes, adverse events happen.

And this is why when you look at the research and you’re familiar with it, such as the Pennsylvania Hershey Medical Center, they published research and it concluded there’s no convincing evidence to support a causal link of chiropractic manipulation and cervical artery dissection. Doctors, it’s not a topic we love.

It’s a topic that makes people fear. And when they fear, They don’t come to you. That is why we have to fight back every single negative media moment. Each and every one is what the foundation does. We do it with you. We can’t do it alone. We do it with you. I want to remind you that there are articles out there that you should be paying attention to.

One is by Erik Chan Pu Chu from Hong Kong. It was published in Nature, a highly significant journal. And to not only take that scientific Reports actually put him in the top five of all research articles published in 2023. Chiropractor, contemplate how far we have come. My fellow brethren, this is epic.

His article was Has a, an amazing access point to where we are. 109, 000 people actually accessed, these are researchers, accessed that scientific reports article. And what it was about is the retrospective analysis on the incidence of severe adverse events for people getting an adjustment. Over 900, 000 adjustments adjustment.

were given in 39 adverse events. And that shows you that we have an amazing opportunity to educate and share when the negative media comes, we need to make them aware, not the cause.

I ask you to pay attention to some of the things that we’re putting out there. We celebrate what happens in May as Posture Month. There was a week that celebrated the health of women in May. We put out a new e book. Share that with your friends, your family, your loved ones, your spouses. Read it yourself.

Why? If you don’t know what exists, It’s pretty much like a tree that falls in the forest. No one hears it. So become familiar, make it one day a week that you become familiar with the new Information being published by the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. Better yet, get your friends, family, spouses, CAs, office managers, everyone to join us.

We’re making remarkable progress in adjusted reality. It is in fact a podcast series trusted by The Adjusted and we bring in so many fun people. So many fun people who love chiropractic care and if you’re not listening, you can’t share it with your patients. So I ask you, look at Cyril Demeuse, Unchartered Waters, he’s exploring the mental and physical journey of a world record kayaker.

And what does it look like? He was a two time world record holder and he really dives into the big adventure of what does it look like to do what he does in proper alignment? How does he love chiropractic? How does he do what he does? So share because sharing is caring and if you’re going out on long walks, bring me with you.

Bring the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. Bring the Adjusted Reality Podcast. Our Gen Z’s love it. And we’re growing every single day and that podcast is in a hundred and eight countries. Imagine if you jumped on board, you listened to everyone and you decided when and where and how you’re going to share it with your audience.

Because we all know that everybody needs to adjust to reality at some point or another. This is the way to celebrate, elevate our profession. Each time Facebook Live ChiroSecure happens, I feel more engaged with you. I hope you do too. And if you want to give back, think about where your money goes. What’s your return on impact for your practice, for the profession?

Think about the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. It only takes a moment at 4cp. org slash donate to show your respect and help us elevate the benefits of chiropractic care. Across the globe. We will see you next month in June, because we have a amazing lineup of things that happened in sports for the summer that we want your community to know about and why you are the number one expert in prevention.

and treatment of all sorts of neuromusculoskeletal conditions. Thanks again for joining and we look forward to seeing you next month. Isn’t it time you join the most powerful team of successful doctors in chiropractic and go for the gold? Simply go to www. f4cp. org slash package and get your customized practice success solution.


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