Chiropractic Malpractice Insurance from ChiroSecure

They say chiropractic malpractice cases are rare, citing the lack of data regarding complaints filed in courts. However, we cannot discount the fact that there were cases that can validate the value of chiropractic malpractice insurance.

In 2019, a $14,031,841 verdict was handed down in favor of a man who filed a case for sustained spinal nerve damage. It occurred after undergoing “chiropractic malpractice manipulation under anesthesia,” aggravating his pre-existing lower back condition.

In 2018, the Jury awarded the man a $1,040,538 verdict in a Michigan case. He sued the chiropractor, alleging that the adjustment performed was ‘too aggressive’ for his lower back pain.

(You can read more details about the above cases here.)

The truth is that even the most attentive practitioner needs to be aware of the liabilities associated with dealing with patients. Like any occupation in the healthcare field, you, as a chiropractor, need protection from possible errors or misdiagnoses, but more importantly, from false claims.

Getting chiropractic malpractice insurance is an intelligent choice to protect your business and professional reputation against malpractice complaints. It will cover your legal expenses when defending you against malpractice claims. Indeed, it serves as a safety net, providing cushions so that your chiropractic business does not end up in a financial mess in case, in an unfortunate circumstance, you need to face a legal battle that stems from a patient’s malpractice complaint.

Here are other benefits you get from chiropractic malpractice insurance from reputable insurance providers like ChiroSecure:

  • License protection
  • Sexual misconduct defense
  • Cyber liability
  • Employer protection
  • HIPAA protection
  • Insurance audit defense

Why ChiroSecure?

Unlike many other medical malpractice insurance providers, ChiroSecure caters, specifically, to individuals operating chiropractic practices or who are practicing chiropractors. The company’s insurance policies are in place to provide cost-effective coverage for individuals in this highly specialized approach to health and wellness.

Get your chiropractic business protected today; a comprehensive policy from a leading insurance company that is ChiroSecure. Have a good night’s sleep knowing your business and professional reputation are protected.

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