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Chiropractic Malpractice Insurance: Kim Klapp’s Team Approach to Lower Risk

Dr. Stu Hoffman and Kim Klapp had a very informative discussion in the recent video hangout organized by ChiroSecure – a premier chiropractic malpractice insurance provider based in Scottsdale, AZ. They discussed about how working as a team can be a great help to lower the risk of putting a chiropractor’s license, reputation, and practice in jeopardy.

Kim Klapp is known to have run the best chiropractic practices in Michigan. She has been recognized for her ‘team approach’ principle in her practice, which she applies in every chiropractic office that she works with.

Team approach, as explained in the hangout, emphasizes the importance of working together as a team when providing chiropractic services; that is, the doctor and staff/chiropractic assistant should be on the same page, hitting the same goal, which is key deliver better chiropractic services, making more clients happy, and therefore, lowering the risk of putting the practice in jeopardy.

Dr. Stu, for his part, explains that every business needs communication between the person in charge and the rest of the team. He says, whatever a chiropractor’s staff does, whether outside or inside of the office, has bearing not just on a chiropractor’s practice but his/her reputation. Thus, it is imperative that each member of a chiropractic team can get the correct message across – to clients.

Hiring a chiropractic assistant

Kim, when asked about her strategy on hiring a CA, she says she does “not hire for skills but character,” because one can be trained with new skills to become a chiropractic assistant. When doing an interview, she recommends to “look for the intangible, the attitude, the smile – find a person that understands why you do what you do and is excited to be part of the team; a person who has the enthusiasm for being in the office.”

Kim reminds that a chiropractic assistant should understand:

  • The doctor’s vision
  • Practice mission
  • CA mission
  • Core values
  • Objectives/ Goals
  • Chiropractic
  • Role of a CA
  • Ultimate goal of a CA

Making a R.I.C.H. connection

Kim also emphasizes the importance of making a R.I.C.H connection, which stands for:

  • Respect – Respecting the patients not only as the individual as they are, but also respecting their time
  • Integrity – Chiropractors (and their assistant) should be truthful with themselves; they should stand by their words
  • Care – Patients don’t care how much a chiropractor knows until they know how much he/she cares
  • Honesty – making clear about the recommendations; be transparent to patients, including about fees

The importance of expectation management

The discussion also highlights the importance of expectation management; that is, letting patients know beforehand what to expect with his chiropractor’s service and that includes the following:

  • On the phone – Chiropractors (and their CAs) should be ready when taking calls; they should see to it that queries are addressed accordingly
  • After the call/during appointment – It is an advantage when everything is done ahead of time (minimize patient’s office time)
  • Welcoming office – Chiropractors should welcome their patients the way they receive guest at home; everyone in their team should get on deck; should give patients a tour of their office
  • Consultation/Doctor’s report – Chiropractors should be at all time honest with their recommendations
  • Fees and payments – Chiropractors should be clear with the fees and payments as well
  • Insurance – Chiropractors make patients understand what’s covered and what is not in their insurance
  • Documentation – Chiropractors should supply all the documentations needed; if there is an unexpected balance, they should let the patient know right away

With expectation management, Kim says, the principle of “underpromise, overdeliver” should be followed as it is vital to client satisfaction.

In summary

The video hangout underscores that “the image of the doctor, the image of the practice, and the image of the CAs are all tied together”. Every thing that each component does reflects on their practice and their business reputation. It is important to systematize everything in the practice as this can “save yourself stress, time, energy, and money.”

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Kim Klapp’s Team Approach to Lower Risk