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Chiropractic Malpractice Insurance – A Revolution in HealthCare

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Hey, this is Dr. Drew Rubin. Welcome to another episode of ChiroSecure’s. Disruptive Pediatrics. Today, I’m going to talk to you about something that I think you’re really going to like and it’s called Separate and Distinct. How did chiropractic get this concept of being separate and distinct? I discovered this a couple of weeks ago.

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I should say rediscovered the reason why and I’ve gotten very passionate about this and I’ve done crazy amounts of research in the last few weeks to make this happen for you guys. And I know it’s not exactly a pediatric topic, but it is, because obviously if, and you’ll see shortly, once you understand the ramifications of this case, this shows how chiropractic really was put on the map back in 1907.

So we can go to the PowerPoints, please. Thank you. And way that I got involved with this is years ago I have been a green book collector. And for those who don’t know what green books are, that’s like the chiropractic textbooks. So I’ve been collecting chiropractic textbooks for years ever since I graduated in 89.

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That, by the way, is a 1920 chiropractic table. It’s a high low table before they had electricity. So there was a spring loaded thing you have to like change. It says heavy, light, medium on it. And then it would lift the person up without electricity. So this is some really cool stuff. And I have almost every green book except for ModDyze Chiropractic.

I don’t have that one. Anybody who has that one, wants to sell it, let me know. But anyway, so how did the concept of chiropractic is separate and distinct occur? This is unbelievable. So this is BJ Palmer, that’s his wife Mabel on the left. Dede Palmer, the chiropractic’s birth father, there on the right.

And then little David Palmer on DeeDee Palmer’s lab. This is one of the rare pictures of the family right there. But how many guys Remember this or heard this and if you’re like University, this is put front and center. We have the the bell tower that honors these six over 600 chiropractors that were jailed in the early 1900s and one particular chiropractor was jailed in La Crosse, Wisconsin and BJ Palmer hired this amazing legal team and created something called the Universal Chiropractic Association to defend Shigartaro Morikubo.

He was the Palmer class of 1901 and what they decided in their case, because he was jailed for practicing medicine without a license. As were all the chiropractors back then. That’s why they were put in jail. They weren’t put in jail for any other reason but practicing medicine without a license.

And they kept on losing every one of these cases because they couldn’t prove it. But then finally the legal team BJ Palmer put together with This particular doctor Kubo made a just giant difference. And, but here’s the thing, is that the records of the case are lost, unfortunately in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

They have no records of these cases. But there have been a number of things that have talked about it, and that’s what I’m gonna talk to you about. What happened in this case? Is that BJ and his legal team came up with this concept of separate and distinct. It was written about in Green Book Volume 17 in 1924 by Arthur Holmes, one of the lawyers.

And what it is was this. The question now comes, why is it necessary to prove chiropractic is separate, distinct, and a different school of system of medicine and malpractice case? Because when the chiropractic has been established as a school separate from allopaths, homoeopaths, osteopaths, then the chiropractor’s actions are judged according to the standards of the chiropractic school and system, and not according to the allopathic school.

The learning and skill required is then learning a skill of an ordinary chiropractor, not This is how we won that particular case in 1907. It, and continue from that particular green book, Chiropractic is now a science unto itself. It is separate and distinct from allopathic medicine, osteopathy, or any other form or system of healing.

So this is important to understand, because this is how we changed. Because we were the underdogs, we were the little guys before this. We were getting jailed and jailed, and people were getting really up in arms about this. But then B. J. Palmer came up with this concept with his legal team to defend Ward Kubo.

And said, no, we are not like them. We are not allopathic. We are not osteopathic. We are something completely different. And what did they do is they used different things. Now this hadn’t been written yet, the chiropractic textbook, but I love this coming out of the chiropractic textbook that Stevenson wrote in 1927.

And this was part of the testimony that was actually used. You’ll see from in the 1906 book the first volume one, 1906 book, they actually use this in the testimony of the case and from osteop, osteopathy illustrated. I am acquainted with the science of chiropractic as taught by D.

D. Palmer of Davenport. I was a Dr. A. P. Davis, who was a medical doctor. And because he took chiropractic course of instruction with Dr. Palmer and being perfectly familiar there with, I would state that the said two sciences above, in other words, Chiropractic and osteopathy are named or is distinct from each other as regards to application as day is from night.

They either can be practiced without the other or the knowledge of its existence and therefore they are entirely different sciences applied differently and are no way related to each other and are independently and absolutely different. This comes from volume one, the science of chiropractic.

That on the top it says science of chiropractic. Volume one, science of chiropractic by B. J. and d. Palmer. But then in Stevenson’s textbook obviously 1927, not written, it was written years after this. Though chiropractic is young, comparatively is nonetheless a well developed science with proven facts and plausible theories based upon those facts and precise art, all of them systematized knowledge and a distinct field of investigation or object of study.

This, psst. Changed it. This changed chiropractic from being an underdog to being a contender, to being someone to be reckoned with, and from that point on, chiropractic took on a new meaning. From that 1907 case, chiropractic took on a new meaning. So they used the textbook, one of the original textbooks from the Palma Chiropractic College that BJ and DD have written together.

They used that original science of chiropractic textbook. And because of that, they were able to win that case, and from that point on, the amount of chiropractors being jailed got significantly less because they kept on using this as their defense. Chiropractic is not osteopathy. Chiropractic is not allopathic medicine.

Chiropractic is its own thing, separate and distinct. And because of that, we were able to then, now, as time morphed on, BJ started developing more things, different things, and then as when pediatric chiropractic started coming about, pediatric chiropractic really blossomed with Dr. Larry Webster, who formed the ICPA, and that’s how everything changed.

So we have a lot of thankfulness for what happened back in 1907 in this particular case, because this is what changed everything. And as illustrated with Stevenson’s textbook, this is what made us a distinct field of investigation or study. As you guys know, I speak for the ICPA. I have online classes for them and live virtual classes.

So we’re coming up I think in Atlanta. And Dallas actually pretty soon, and in Atlanta this year, we’ll be speaking both combination of live lectures and online, so you can be there in either way, however you decide to choose. I spoke for Dr. Stephen Porges the Polyvagal Informed Piaget Chiropractic Seminar, if you’re interested, there’s the link.

I’ve just posted today my 550th episode. of ChiroCast about what I just talked about. It’s just a, another version about this particular topic. So if you’re interested in that, please check it out. Let me know what you think. Overall, what we have to do, guys, is protect our future. Separate and distinct case is what got us on the map.

It changed the way chiropractic is, it changed how chiropractic was looked at by modern medicine back at that time. And it helped us survive, like the Flexner Report, which came out around 1910, it helped us survive that Flexner Report, which was really chopping down a lot of the other Kind of things like homeopathy, etc.

And naturopathy, but we were able to survive because we had created this amazing thought process because of the philosophy that we had Right our philosophy was separate in this thing. We just had to prove it and that 1907 case did it thank you guys. Thanks again ChiroSecure I hope you guys really appreciated this interesting history lesson and I will see you next time.


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