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Chiropractic Malpractice Insurance – The New Rules for Social Media Marketing for Chiropractors

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Happy New Year, ChiroSecure family. What a fantastic next step for us as we move forward and progress to be made for you, the profession and your practice. So this is the one time of the year that I want you to really reflect on the past, to engage the future, and really with the Foundation for Chiropractic progress, that is our emphasis is

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and with New Year and new opportunities come some of the most important elements to how you’re reaching out to your community. Hence, this is why in fact, we made the new rules for social media marketing for chiropractors. We’re gonna jump in, but as always, you know that without our corporate sponsors and you’ve seen them grow with us, we can’t do this.

In ChiroSecure, we thank you sincerely and gratitude to every single one of these sponsors on here because the new year brings fabulous opportunities and we go different places because of these very special sponsors. Now, when we go into the new rules, what does it look like? I know many of you out there have contacted me and said,

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Marketing is not something that I am really good at and I want to be able to be present in my community. So we did this for you, is your hands are on patients and you love what you do, and we congratulate you for being in your practice and changing the communities that you live in. But now we need to get into some of the difficult areas of social media that you may not have thought about and

You’ll want your staff to look at these pieces because when your staff helps you in social media and the outreach of marketing, it’s a team effort that makes massive change for you, your practice, and of course the profession. We start with choosing the healthcare provider. When a consumer comes to social media, listen, you need to do your own scrubbing.

Look at your own social media pages, and some of them will have Google reviews. If they’re looking for you and they see three stars, that’s not good enough. 74% of patients find positive online reviews. Vary or extremely important. That means 69% say they will not consider a healthcare provider with an average star rating lower than four.

Now, think about it for yourself. You’re gonna pick a restaurant and you want it to be really nice. Do you look for the three stars? Be honest to yourself. So there may be some cleanup on aisle nine for some of you out there. Clean that up. If there is a bad review, try really hard to either. Try to mitigate it or try to instigate an opportunity to build more so that that bad rating does not tank you to a three star rating.

That’s the new rule, so everybody paying attention, hopefully we’ll be able to get more people looking at your Google reviews or any other area where you’re being reviewed. Now for Facebook, we want you to generally. Keep it short. Now these are general guidelines. Here’s one that basically has approximately eight words on it, but look at the infographic.

It’s, it’s really precise. People stop when they see colors. They stop when they see infographics, and it’s just avoid these seven fall risks with chiropractic care. Short, sweet, simple. So try hard to keep your posts on the majority of approximately 10, um, words or less. So that’s about 50 characters, and you’ll notice the shorter you are and to the point, the better you will become in marketing.

And you know, Albert Einstein always had that saying that if you can’t explain it simply. You just don’t know it good enough. And the reality is there doesn’t need to be many words. There needs to be really precise, short to the point words. Then we get to video. Video is a very important part because as one of the people who watched, uh, I go travel a lot and I watch people around me and they’re constantly, you can see them just flipping through their, their Instagram, their TikTok, their Facebook, their LinkedIn.

I will tell you the one thing that makes me smile is they always slow down when they get to a video. And it is videos that capture people’s attention ’cause they wanna know more. And you wanna spice it up a bit. And I’m gonna show you a little bit what that looks like. You wanna catch them almost like, oh yeah, I know that, but obviously.

Maybe we’re doing something different. So videos are better in those videos. You wanna keep ’em short and sweet. It, it can be two minutes, but remember, 30 seconds is usually where your prime audience will be able to stay. Two minutes if you’ve really engaged them on this topic. And that’s why I wanna share with you.

When you look for guidelines for Facebook, you have to stay timely. Don’t go back, you know, six months. You’ve gotta be like right on spot. And what right on spot means is try to keep it with big, bold, beautiful information that they may not have heard. Sometimes going back a couple of months is fine. If it’s something that perhaps came out November, December and they weren’t really paying attention because of the holidays, that’s okay.

This one particularly is, um, . Our December resource, it was what recent claims studies reveal about chiropractic care? This was in the first report. It’s a journal that’s, that’s read by hundreds of thousands of, of healthcare managers and, um. People that are really deeply involved in claims and the return on investment.

So this is a nice one, for example, to even post in your LinkedIn when you’re building relationships there. But for Facebook, you really wanna keep it clean. You wanna keep it transparent and you wanna keep it short if it’s a video and short, if it’s characters, infographics, lovely. And we’ve got plenty of those for your Facebook.

Now, one piece is. Are you connecting with your community? Listen, there’s four words that I have for you. Show up. Put up, stand up, speak up. Those are critical components because when you show up in your community, people take notice. Now, put up, what are you putting up in your community? Are you putting at the Starbucks, perhaps a meeting that you’re going to have?

Are you gonna be part of a race or a walk that is coming up? What are you putting up in your community that makes you show up? Next stand up. Are you the person who’s standing up for right? And just, are you the person that people can depend on in your community to be there when they have questions? The last one is speak up.

Where are you speaking? Are you going to middle schools, high schools, silver slipper, gym events? Are you ending up in church, having a nutritional, um, mind, body connection? You don’t know yet until you take those four pieces into heart, and I really need you to think about it. Where are you showing up? What are you putting up?

What are you standing up for? And last but not least. Speaking up with. So consider this Ison, and we did this Foran Mac, the Michigan Association of Chiropractors, and it was building community. And what we did was several vignettes. Listen, if you have not seen Aroon yet, then you’re missing out Google Chiro, and you’ll find that the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress owns it.

It is like a Jerry Lewis telethon. There are no operators standing by. It is all you. You come in, we’ve made . Um, over $200,000 if you combine the two together. dollars coming in, five, 10, $15 at a time, educating them this community involvement. If, if you’re not doing it, then please join our Caron. It’ll be happening in October of this year.

Keep your eyes out. I gave you 10 months warning, so please. Get your family, your friends, your posse together, maybe have a roon party at your clinic, whatever it is. The whole ROON purpose is to educate patients about chiropractic care. What are the benefits that are delivered through it? But that’s something you can do too.

Help support roon, help support your clinic by being out there and speaking up. Well, as I said before, it’s who you talk to that makes a difference. And Dr. John nsta is one of the top three. Experts in the entire world on osteopenia and osteoporosis. He’s a fabulous individual. He wrote a book called Fracture Proof Your Bones, and we brought him on our podcast Adjusted Reality, trusted by the Adjusted, and then he asked us, would you be willing to come on our podcast?

So you wanna be able to leverage the work of others. That means when you know there’s an expert in your community, why not bring them in? Why not have your whole community benefit? You don’t have to talk healthcare all the time. You can talk about wellbeing and what are some of the pillars that bring wellbeing to your community.

So I very much enjoy being on his podcast. It’s a high level, high input and excessively, um, . Academic podcast and he’s just a great individual. So consider being out there with your colleagues and joining forces. Now, speaking of colleagues, I absolutely love Dr. Mindy Peltz. She wrote a book, um, for fasting.

Um, we did a podcast with her, um, called . Eat to fast and oh, what an amazing outpouring of love and admiration for Dr. Mindy Peltz. And she has been very gracious with her time with the foundation and also, you know, she’s been on multiple TV shows. She is highly publicized in, in social media. She has millions of followers.

But the best part about Mindy is she knew one thing and that’s where her home is. Her home is in chiropractic care and she wants the very best. So we used some of the Instagram reels to bring people to this adjusted reality talk, and it was a fabulous event. And listen, anytime you wanna look at any of our podcasts, you know it’s available on any podcast platform, any including Amazon.

And you just look for adjusted reality. And we love your rating, reviewing and sharing. But for this one, we just had some fun together. You know, we wanna keep you in your lane. Don’t go too far out. Make sure you’re not using any proliferative um, verbs that may be offensive to people. But let’s talk about things that interest the patient.

They love hearing stories. Who doesn’t? I love stories. And they also wanna be able to know that you’re authentic and honest. So you’re branding yourself with them and you wanna share with them. So these Instagram reels, they’re very short. They engage people to come to listen to your podcast or listen to one of your, your article, um, zooms that maybe you put out.

Don’t forget to hashtag it. That’s how engines start to collaborate. Um, information for someone who’s looking for something. So if you went, you know, example, eat to fast. You will find Mindy Peltz and we do hashtags all the time to kind of bring people to their, um, what they’re looking for and how they’re looking for it.

One of the big keys when we move from platform to platform, I just talked to you about TikTok and Instagram building reels in shorts, and I talked to you about Facebook, but building on LinkedIn is a very different. Example, and sometimes people use it really awkwardly. I wanna point out to you, this is not Facebook.

This is not where you put up your page of your pets or your butterflies or whatever. This is trying to build a network and you are building a network with education. So professional education for your LinkedIn is very important, but there’s a couple things I really want you to pay attention to. Did you fill out your profile?

It seems really simple, but I. When people are looking for you, they wanna know who you are. And if your profile’s not filled out, eh, strike one. Remember, we’re talking about new, new opportunities for 2024. Take a moment to fill out your profile. Then I wanna ta talk to you about the 80 20 rule. 80% of what you put on LinkedIn has to be educational, 20% promotional.

That’s the hard, fast rule. That’s the new rule so that people don’t go, uh, that guy is all about trying to suck me into his, his brand, or his marketing or his product. You wanna be able to engage and be genuine and promotion 20% of the time. No problem. More than that, you start getting people losing their, uh, their endeavors to start really diving into your own LinkedIn posts, comment, share, and engage.

The one thing that bothers me the most when I get into social media posts is. I engage with them and then it’s flat on the other side. I have no idea why they’re not engaging with me. Do they not want to engage with me? And so I start to build relationships with people online that are engaging. They’re commenting, they’re sharing.

That’s what you want. And if someone doesn’t return share and it’s a really good piece. No, it’s just, it’s the best way to get more information out. But you wanna connect with these people on a different level, find out what’s making them tick, and see if you can, you can really parallel or collaborate your efforts.

When you get to the ultimate social media rule, it’s this consistency. You have to be able to be consistent on social media. The algorithms depend on it. The algorithms, as you very well know, will depend on are you engaging in other people’s posts. If you’re not, they see you in one algorithm and they shut you down.

They throttle your reach. So listen carefully, engage. And when you engage and you share and you’re consistent, you win. Remember we talked about the stand up and speak up and speaking up for others is very, very important. Comment, be clear, be um, comment on some of the things that are being done right. But if you’re not doing it consistently,

You are not gonna win the race and just like doing exercise, you can’t do it the beginning of the month and then take the rest of the month off. So we’re gonna be consistent. You wanna be able to really put time, talent, and effort into your social media. And this is the guideline that you can share with your staff and anybody else who’s working with you on social media marketing to be able to put these new rules into marketing.

So you’re actually having those effective. Next steps for 2024. And speaking of effective, um, I can’t even believe it’s January, um, 16th and we’ve already got some fantastic updates. We’re, so we’re just over two weeks into. F four CP. It’s fun, it’s fabulous. You come every week, uh, for ChiroSecure these Facebook Lives because you benefit and I wanna show the benefits of being with the foundation last year, or our overview of achievements.

We have 35,000 members. That’s because of you. You share, you care, you build and we progress together. New advertising and marketing awards won. We won five awards and we’re very proud of them. We couldn’t do it without our sponsors, our colleges, our individual and our state, um, uh, membership. So it is you that is helping win.

This is a win-win win. And in industry articles published, you have to be out there talking the talk. In Many years ago, we didn’t have that voice. Now we do, and we’re leveraging it. We had over a hundred industry articles published. I just showed you one in the first journal report talking about claims.

The more we’re out there, the more we’re able to grab. I. The audience that may not know what chiropractic is and why it’s so important. Readers reached through earned media coverage. Earned media is not easy. 535 million people contemplate that for a moment in and of itself. That means we’re bi, we’re building bigger.

Bolder than many of the other alternative or complimentary types of professions. And so as we move forward, we are starting to get into platforms we’ve never been in, like E-S-P-N-C. NN Fox, our new commercials produced and placed on major networks is a huge win. So progress is made. Made because of you.

Now, as you saw, I told you we got a new award in January of 2024. Hard to believe, and it’s, it’s a beautiful way to actually start off the new year. Olivia Athens, as you know, is in all rains. Number 12 player, and we had a FIFA commercial was picked up on ESPN. Well, healthcare Digital Marketing Awards gave us the top level award.

And this is not an easy competition. In fact, there are thousands of entries and really, I. Really high quality, um, participants such as A A RP and the American Medical Association, the American Dental Association, all different walks that come together for this highly coveted award and are commercial one.

So good on us. We’ve got a great start to 2024, as I know you will too. These marketing roadmaps built precisely. For your progress. I told you to be consistent. I promise you, if you take this serious this year and you look at these marketing roadmaps, they will help you guide that consistency. That’s for you to show up.

You show up with these marketing roadmaps, you put them up with your staff members so that they can see it. You stand up in your community to put some of these pieces up, but most importantly. It cannot forget the speak up part, and we have PowerPoints already done for you. So look at five fall prevention tips as one of the pieces that that really January kicked off with preventing falls.

They’re extremely, um. Difficult when an an aging adult falls to heal from. So if we can start preventing tips and we can share with our communities how much we care about our aging adults, it makes a world of difference. Now, as we go through, we want you to use your FRCP membership wisely. So what did we do?

Well, step by step, this is a video that is presented by our awesome marketing director, Alexis Lenos, and it just shows you how do you use marketing, the web advertising, print design, all these pieces that maybe you didn’t think of before, 2024. New ways to do things. And remember I told you about. Make them think.

Don’t just give them things they’ve heard over and over again. So when people think of core, they think of their abs, their strength of their back, and well, that’s not what we did for 2024. If you want to share this with your. Patience, your staff. What is the importance of your core in 2024? This is a nice way to look at 2024.

It’s about creativity. Unleash the power of creativity to stimulate your mind and foster more resilience. Who doesn’t need that? The more creative you are, oftentimes the more happy you are. Optimism, learn how maintaining an optimistic outlook can contribute to a longer, healthier life. And we want that for everyone in our family and our friends.

Relaxation. I. Key to success is being able to have your own downtime. Discover the effects that relaxation can put together, and how stress plays a role, and how you can reduce it along with your own wellbeing. Looking at it as a whole and last exercise cannot get away from it. Amazing moments ahead. With exercise, you can explore foundation roles of exercise in achieving a mind-body connection.

Listen. Core of 2024, kick your, your staff and your friends and family into listening to this short, important podcast. The Foundation’s podcast is about you. It’s not for the foundation. It is about you, and you want to educate as much as possible and. If there is ever a grand educator, well, this is Dr.

Bruce Lipton and he kicked off season seven starting in January and last week, and it is one of the best. Listen to podcast to date with adjusted reality. If you don’t know who Bruce Lipton is, please listen to this. He’s got three amazing recent books that you can listen to, but I think you’ll see that Bruce Lipton is one of the best chiropractic advocates, and he puts it in a way only a cellular molecular microbial biologist can In simple.

Easy to digest format. So share this with your friends, your family members, your patients, your community. Get it out there because the more people understand of people talking for us and with us, this is a geneticist, an epigeneticist talking about chiropractic in a way it’s never been done before. Share.

Now, last but not least, as we round out, we had the million dollar match. If you’re going to Parker. Please visit us. Parker’s coming up at the end of next month and we are so excited to go there. We want you to recognize that Mr. Kent Greenwalt will be matching all donations received until the end of Parker, which is February 29th.

So please help us if you want to start the new year off right. Give. Giving is one of the best ways to create optimism and ensure that your happiness enjoys being spent in a way where we appreciate you and you not only make a benefit for your practice, you make a benefit for the profession. This year we’re gonna be talking about the pillars of progress, enhancing patient outcomes, leveraging the latest research.

So you will see me in many state associations. I want to ensure that you know that chiropractic has fundamental challenges to be able to bring a patient in and hit some of these top four chronic conditions, whether it’s cardiovascular, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, or last. Pain when you’re looking at pain and some of the millions.

51.6 million to be precise. People suffering, suffering with depression, Alzheimer’s. Dementia, suicide risks up and s abuse and misuse. Chiropractic has a very unique and important role, and the research is coming out and it’s coming out strong. I want you to all know about it so you can share it. You can share and create other opportunities for yourself to be that speak up person in that.

Is why I wanna conclude today with saying thank you. Thank you for speaking up, because we know you’re not just here to make money. We know you’re here to change your community, and it is you that makes the entire difference and the foundation progress is because you progress. This is a profession practice person.

Orientated moment 2024 is big. It’s beautiful, and I think if we can use these materials to educate our communities, it will be the best year ever for the foundation, your practice in this fabulous profession. Thanks for joining me today. We’ll see you in February. Isn’t it time you join the most powerful team of successful doctors and chiropractic and go for the gold?

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