Important Questions (and Answers) About Chiropractic Liability Insurance

Here is the thing about running a business: The growth opportunity it carries always comes with risks. A chiropractic business is not an exception to this basic fact.

As a chiropractor running your clinic, you are familiar with ways a patient’s health can get out of whack. But as a business owner, the idea that your business is vulnerable, too, might not have crossed your mind yet. In this post, we give you some useful insights into why you need chiropractic liability insurance.

Because your chiropractic business is vulnerable – from fires to lawsuits – you must have insurance that protects your business and professional reputation. A policy that can cover financial liabilities in case you face legal issues arising from your practice.

So, here are some curial questions – and answers – about chiropractor liability insurance you should be aware of:

Why do I need chiropractic insurance?

Two main reasons:

  • Because all businesses carry risks – from natural disasters, fire, burglary, damage to equipment, and they can happen without warning
  • Because your business involves lives – no matter how expert in this field you are, mistakes can still happen, and they can cause injuries to varying degrees, even death

The bottom line:

No matter how small your chiropractic business is, you should protect it, and chiropractic liability insurance gives just that.

What does chiropractic insurance cover?

  • Reputable chiropractic insurance can provide various types of coverage, including:
  • General liability, which covers issues like an accident inside your facility that causes injuries;
  • Business and property, which is for business risks like fire and theft; and,
  • Professional liability coverage, which takes care of damages like those awarded in a lawsuit.

How much does it cost to buy chiropractic insurance?

The premiums vary from one insurance provider to another. As a general idea, you can expect to pay thousands per year for a small practice and higher if you have several clinics catering to more chiropractors and patients. Please note that, for you to get better deals, take some time to shop around and compare different providers.

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