Articles August 1, 2014

It’s Don’s Opinion

ICA Members Should Support ChiroSecure Insurance

By Donald D. Harrison, PhD, DC, MSE

A few years ago, ICA approached Dr. Stuart Hoffman to be the broker for its malpractice insurance. Dr. Hoffman has worked extremely hard to get his license in each state for this position and to offer the coverages that modern practitioners need.

I have observed where some of the profits from other Chiropractic malpractice insurance companies have been funneled. Some of these funds have been used to support budgets of many organizations, which, last June 2006, were called the “Cartel” by members of the United Stated Education Department’s (USDE) Committee to evaluate CCE.

If all ICA Members supported ICA by changing their malpractice insurance to ChiroSecure, then with its share of these funds, ICA’s budget could include many more projects to benefit its members and our great profession.

If you check with Dr. Stuart Hoffman (see the ChiroSecure Ad in this issue), he will honestly tell you the benefit comparisons of ChiroSecure with other policies available and he will tell you the cost comparisons in each State.

If what ChiroSecure offers is close to the same or lower in cost compared to what you are paying now, why not support ICA? Give Dr. Hoffman a call today!