Dr. Stu Hoffman and Dr. Stephanie Sullivan discuss the latest in chiropractic research

Dr. Sullivan’s responsibilities include mission driven leadership and advancement of the CCR, coordination of university chiropractic research initiatives, research compliance, and the conduct of chiropractic research.  Dr. Sullivan is also a neuroscience Ph.D. candidate in the Biomedical and Health Sciences Institute at the University of Georgia. Her research focus includes investigating attention, sensory gating, neural efficiency and the impact of chiropractic adjustments and vestibular stimulation on those abilities.

“The funding provided by ChiroSecure has enabled LIFE researchers to develop exciting new proposals to study the impact of chiropractic care on patients, using doctors’ own electronic health records as the primary data source. Projects along these lines have already resulted in poster presentations and 1 manuscript submitted for publication based on AlignLife EHR data and in collaboration with the Health Missions foundation. We plan to use these initial efforts and the infrastructure we’ve developed at LIFE to leverage collaborative projects with other EHR vendors as well.”

One of the great advantages of practice-based research is that no individual practice needs to be responsible for generating the numbers of patients that are necessary to create a powerful research study. Instead, through appropriate design, data from patients in a number of practices can be pooled together and processed to provide meaningful answers to research questions in desperate need of answering.

Research Update Dr. Stu Hoffman and Dr. Stephanie Sullivan

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