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It started more than 29 years ago when Dr. Stu Hoffman realized, after practicing for many years and owning multiple clinics, that two things were missing: a malpractice insurance company owned and operated by a philosophically aligned chiropractor; and the research to show the public how effective what we do is.

ChiroSecure and Dr. Hoffman have never lost sight of what chiropractic malpractice insurance should be. With hundreds of thousands of dollars alone spent on making sure a chiropractor will not be accused of causing an arterial dissection, to continually updating you on the research you need to know on the efficacy of chiropractic for musculoskeletal issues, and also research on the effects of chiropractic on longevity, ChiroSecure is dedicated to the protection and advancement of the chiropractic profession.

How successful has Dr. Hoffman been in his vision for ChiroSecure and chiropractic? You decide! He was honored as ICA’s Chiropractor of the Year for 2015, previously awarded Chiropractor of the Year from the Michigan Council, and recognized by Life University President Dr. Guy Reikman for his success, leadership and vision through his contributions supporting the mission of the President’s Circle.

Dr. Hoffman continues to labor tirelessly for chiropractors and chiropractic, making extraordinarily positive and significant contributions to the profession in many vital dimensions. He is currently active with the Chiropractic Summit, the DaVinci Group, the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress and FHC. In conjunction with his chiropractic malpractice insurance company, ChiroSecure, he has created scholarships for pediatric research and supports several chiropractic colleges, state associations and chiropractic research programs.

 How Important Are Our Updates on Chiropractic Research When Choosing A Malpractice Carrier?

We hope you consider it incredibly important because if you do, you have all the more reason to align yourself with ChiroSecure.

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