Blog August 5, 2016

The importance of evidence based practice for chiropractors

Dr. Stu Hoffman, the chiropractic malpractice insurance leader from ChiroSecure, had a video hangout with Dr. Dean Smith, a doctor of chiropractic and the founder of, to  discuss about the importance of evidence based practice for chiropractors.

Evidence based practice highlights the significance of incorporating the best research evidence with individual clinical expertise and patient choice values. In connection with that, both experts recommend that chiropractors should look at all the current research going on and how they can integrate those research results/findings into their practice.

The discussions also underscore the benefits of evidence based practice, saying that patients, payers, and DCs can have a chiropractic care that is more effective, safe, and efficient.

Why chiropractors should give more importance to evidence based practice

In the discussion, it was explained that it is to both chiropractors and patients advantage when evidence base practice is embraced as it provides an opportunity for chiropractic doctor to be educated on what’s the proper approach on issues arising from prospective patients (e.g. how they will explain to their patient the ‘stroke’ issue). They are able to explain not in a ‘defensive’ way but to educate them based on science backed proposition.

How to find resources on evidence based practice

With the advent of internet technologies, finding resources on evidence based practice has become a lot easier. As suggested in the discussion, among the media that can be a good source of information are podcast, posts shared on social media such as on Facebook, as well as through video hangouts (which is one of the channels Chirosecure uses in educating their clients).

Some evidence based practice resources/topics chiropractors can learn include:

  • Z-Joint Gapping
  • Pediatric Safety
  • Strain is in the brain – the way your brain processes information changes in the face of joint dysfunction (injury, etc) and that chiropractic can reverse it
  • Myofascial Pain
  • Brain adjustments
  • The spine is the most exciting and interesting organ of the body
  • Biochemical changes with SMT
  • Life course of back pain and chiropractic pediatrics
  • Patient centered chiropractic care – care that respects patient values and needs

Dr. Smith also recommends visiting Chiropractic Science website to learn more about evidence based practice. The site enables chiropractors to:

  • Get the word out about chiropractic science from the experts doing the research
  • Delivers chiropractic evidence with convenience
  • Motivate and assist practitioners and students alike to pursue research careers in chiropractic science

To learn more about evidence based practice, contact ChiroSecure today.

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