Why You Should Have Chiropractic Business Insurance

When you operate your own chiropractor practice it is vital that you have chiropractic business insurance to protect you from liability and malpractice suits. Due to the fact that chiropractic medicine is still considered an “alternative form of treatment” many medical insurance providers will not cover chiropractors. Instead, what you need is a chiropractor insurance plan that takes into consideration the special risks and incidences that can occur when providing chiropractic treatment.

ChiroSecure provides chiropractic business insurance plans that have been created to satisfy the specific needs of certified chiropractors operating practices in the United States. There chiropractic liability and malpractice insurance are comprehensive and include all of the major potential risk factors associated with chiropractic treatment.

It is important for all practicing chiropractors to recognize the importance of have insurance coverage for protection when providing chiropractic services. The reason for this is because over the last few years there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of lawsuits issued against chiropractors in this country. Although, not all of these lawsuits are valid, courts very rarely rule in favour of the practitioner. For this reason when you operate your practice without insurance you are playing Russian roulette with your business. There is a high risk that eventually you will end up in court defending yourself against either a malpractice complaint or a in a liability case. These court cases can go on for extended periods and require costly legal representation. Not to mention there is only a slim chance that you will get off without penalty-

Instead, when you subscribe to chiropractic business insurance you can feel assured that even a liability or malpractice complaint is raised you have insurance coverage. This insurance will help to cover the cost of legal fees as well as settlements if these issues do arise. Without insurance, you may be liable to pay these costs out of your own pocket. This can be extremely detrimental and put your personal assets and business at risk.

What Does Chiropractic Business Insurance Cover?

  • Damage to Property of Others
  • Defendant Expenses
  • First Aid
  • License Protection
  • Medical Payment
  • Occurrence Based Coverage
  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Personal Liability

ChiroSecure Chiropractic Business Insurance Plans cover these above expenses as well as providing access to liability experts who are knowledgable about chiropractic medicine. This is the one thing that sets ChiroSecure apart from other insurance providers. When you deal with us we connect with you experienced advisors who will help you navigate your unique case. By doing this we can help to minimize concerns and allow you to operate your practice worry-free.